Your Complete Guide To STD Testing

STD testing is scary and can be uncomfortable. But you know what’s even more scary and uncomfortable than the tests? Having an STD. You may be thinking, “Well, I don’t have any symptoms so I don’t have anything.” FALSE. Plenty of STDs don’t show symptoms, so yeah…  you could very well have an STD and not know it.

You might also say, “But I don’t have sex.” Okay. And? STDs are called sexually transmitted diseases, but they can be spread by all kinds of sex. Oral, vaginal, anal, whatever. If you’re not having intercourse but still fooling around, you can get an STD.

“But I use condoms.” Great! That’s awesome. Things do happen, though. Condoms break. Just get tested.

“But I only have one partner.” Cool, but that doesn’t mean your partner does. Even if you’re both virgins, your guy could have been born with HPV if his mom had it. Because there’s no HPV test for guys, he wouldn’t know.

Getting tested for STDs is part of being responsible in your sex life. It’s better to know now and get treated if you have something. If you have an STD and it goes undetected, it can cause you serious damage and you risk spreading it to other people.

So click through for your complete guide on getting tested!

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