Your Dream Crush Could Reveal Your Dream Book!

The Future Of Us

By: Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler



If Bieber is your dream crush, I’m assuming that you probably follow him on Twitter (he is one of the most followed after all!). Since you’re probably clued into social media then, you may like this book about two friends in the ’90s who access their future Facebook profiles when one of them gets Internet at home for the first time. As they make different decisions, they see how the future alters on their pages. Plus, there’s a little bit of a complicated love story going on, and as we know, Bieber is no stranger to the high-profile romance. Even though he may be single, you can get a bit of a romance here.

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  1. avatar Megan says:

    I have had like 5 or 6 dreams about dating Niall Horan from One Direction. What book would you put with him?

  2. avatar Jenae says:


  3. avatar Chantelle says:

    No Johnny Depp?

  4. avatar DD says:

    I would have thought the boyfriend list to be Taylor’s.

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