Your Dream Crush Could Reveal Your Dream Book!

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

By: Ned Vizzini

Remember back in the fall when Zayn was reportedly having a hard time adjusting to his new fame? We can only imagine how hard that transition was, but many of us can also relate to him in terms of feeling overwhelming pressure. Craig, the quiet main character in It’s Kind of A Funny Story, is feeling a lot of pressure at his new school, and the story follows him after he actually checks himself in a psychiatric hospital after contemplating suicide. Though their situations are not identical, both Craig and Zayn are sincere guys that I’m totally rooting for to be truly happy. As Craig starts to address his depression thanks to a supportive group of characters and through his artistic talents, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Zayn’s obvious musical talents and the tight-knit brotherhood of his band, both of which I hope have been helping him deal with any pressure he may feel.

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  • Megan

    I have had like 5 or 6 dreams about dating Niall Horan from One Direction. What book would you put with him?

  • Jenae


  • Chantelle

    No Johnny Depp?

  • DD

    I would have thought the boyfriend list to be Taylor’s.