Your Dream Crush Could Reveal Your Dream Book!

Why We Broke Up

By: Daniel Handler



If you love Taylor’s confessional music and shout-outs to her exes in her songs, then Why We Broke Up is for you. Main character Min is writing a longggg letter to her former boyfriend, that as the title suggests, explains while they are no longer together. It tackles first love and friendships, as well as how to deal when things don’t end up the way you may have originally imagined.

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  1. avatar Megan says:

    I have had like 5 or 6 dreams about dating Niall Horan from One Direction. What book would you put with him?

  2. avatar Jenae says:


  3. avatar Chantelle says:

    No Johnny Depp?

  4. avatar DD says:

    I would have thought the boyfriend list to be Taylor’s.

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