How Do I Get Rid Of Painful, Pimple-Like Bumps Down There?

If you have painful, pimple-like bumps down there, how are you supposed to get rid of them?

ChickRX expert Evelyn Resh, Certified Sexuality Counselor and Nurse Midwife, says: 

These pimple-like bumps that you’re referring to are exactly that – pimples. I see them in women’s vulvas frequently. Some women are more prone to them than others. Sometimes, they are cyclic and may occur right before your period. Rest assured, they’re completely normal.

How are you supposed to get rid of them? I recommend soaking in a slightly hot bath with your legs apart so that the hot water can be directly against the skin. Stay in there for about 15 minutes a couple of times each day when the pimples are there. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can use a very warm compress, like a wash cloth, soaked in water.

If the pimples are easy to pop, then fine, go ahead. But don’t force them until they come to a head and easily open with just flight pressure. If they enlarge or are really painful, head in to see a practitioner, as you may need an antibiotic. If they’re staying essentially the same size and come and go with this management, then don’t worry about them. They are a nuisance, but don’t generally require medical management.

Always  make sure to wash your hands well whenever touching these pimples to avoid secondary infection.

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  1. avatarBella says:

    I get these and there so painful I keep telling my boyfriend I’m on my period so he won’t go down there because I’m too ashamed I hate it tho as he seems to be getting funny now I just need to know what to do fast..

  2. avatarDajah says:

    Yes,finally somebody tells me this. I thought I was getting them because I was doing something wrong. I get them after my period and then they just stick around. I pop them and get embarrassed. If they don’t go away I can never have sex.

  3. avatarella says:

    Some of these “pimples” could be bumps from shaving if its that, then you’ve probably been dry shaving and you need to use body wash before shaving and don’t wash it off until you’ve shaved or you can use shaving cream either one works.

  4. avatarJessie says:

    Oh thank God they are normal I get these all the time and I thought there was something wrong with my V.

  5. avatarJenna Marbles says:

    I had one of these and I panicked and popped it. I didn’t wash my hands but had a shower before hand. will I still get an infection?

  6. avatarnicole says:

    I have the same problem! I am still a virgin, but get these pimple like bumps down there. I am not sexually active in any way, so I am positive it isn’t a sexually transmitted disease. I just don’t know what to do…i do not plan on having sex anytime soon because of them. It’s just so embarrassing. Please help.?

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