10 Tips On How To Overcome Shyness Around Guys

I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m a shy girl. While I’ve definitely gotten better at being more outgoing over the past few years, I still have plenty of times where I feel totally uncomfortable in a crowded room. When I’m around people I’m not comfortable with, I’m probably not going to say much. And if I have to give some sort of presentation? Forget about it.

One area in which I’ve definitely overcome shyness is dating. In high school, I was the worst flirt ever and I went out of my way to avoid my crushes in the hallway (but I would totally talk to them on AIM IM. It was different!). But since then, I’ve learned how to make myself feel comfortable and confident around the guy I like. I know that a lot of you suffer from feeling super shy around your crush, or around guys in general, and I can totally relate to that. It stinks! But there are some ways you can overcome that shyness.

Are they easy? Hmm, maybe not all that easy. Is it worth it? Yes! Getting over being shy can be tough and sometimes it can take a while. But trust me, it will pay off in the end. There’s nothing wrong with being quiet and reserved, but you’re awesome – your voice deserves to be heard! Being shy can be really negative on your social and dating life, and I want you guys to have some awesome experiences that aren’t painfully awkward for you. So I’m here to give you a few tips on how to overcome shyness around guys. Ready? Check it out:

Are you shy? How do you deal with it? What are your own tips for overcoming shyness? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Jocelyn

    I’m also a shy girl and every time I try to talk to a cute guy I just can’t seem to be comfortable enough to keep up a conversation. Especially if they smile and look at me directly in the eye.

  • Arrabella

    OMG! I liked this guy for three years and he liked me for two in primary, but we never did anything, and then now, in year seven, he asked me out three times and each time I froze and couldn’t say anything. LOL!!! I eventually said yes through a note, because i figured out I could talk easier through a note or message. We only talk once a week; we pass a note saying meet me at the oval, and then sit and talk for 45 minutes! I want to talk more, but I am so akward. I REALLY like him, and I think he likes me still, but he is so confusing. He is always looking at me, but never smiles or talks to me, except that once a week. If we break up, I will be cushed through. I used to be best friends with him, but now we barely talk. It’s so sad to watch that happen. I’m going to try more and maybe fix things. I never wanted this. I just wanted to go out with him….

  • Abby

    I think dealing with this type of problem is so hard for me. This year, actually this week, I moved into a new town and a new high school during my senior year. I transferred 5 weeks after being in my small private charter school whom I called family because I’ve known all of them (class of 37 students) for at least more than 4 years. My school was kind of advanced making this new public school a little easy for me aside from a few new classes that I just joined. But really, coming from a class of 37 to 1,300 is a HUGE change for me. I’ve only been in the school 2 days so far with 4 classes being different one day and 4 different on the other. (8 classes total) So I’ve met and seen the students I have for all classes, and I’ve already developed crushes by just seeing random people that I haven’t even noticed walking in the halls since the school is so damn big. Maybe not crushes, but eye candy. I just can’t get a grip! Once I see one guy, I feel the need to look away as fast as I can and forget he’s there! For example, yesterday was the first time I went to my English literature class. When I set up my desk a few guys stared at me, along with some girls because I was new. One guy really stuck out because every time I looked at him he always seemed to be staring at me. He was pretty tall, light skinned, black hair, and had a charming physique along with a nice face. When I caught him glancing across the room, I had the tendency to give a look of confusion/a “what’s your problem” face. I didn’t mean to, but it just got to me. I was confused and felt put on the spot. So of course I stiffened up, and tried to look my best even though I knew I looked awkward because I felt awkward. Anyways, the teacher introduced me to the class and they said hello. Of course the guy in the back didnt have a word come out of his mouth because he was reading my soul. It’s just bleh. On my first day though, that’s when I was most nervous. I walked to my first class trying to find a seat that looked unaccompanied. I sat in the back right corner. Once class started the teacher introduced me to the class and this jock-looking guy was sitting ajacent from me at the opposite corner of the room. He kept staring at me and it made me feel so weird. I would be starring at the teacher and feel these eyes staring at me, and once I glanced at the corner of my eye, I CAUGHT HIM RED HANDED! but yeah that’s pretty much what happened my first two days aside from the jocks who stared at me during lunch. It really makes me feel weird. Sometimes I think that I look weird and that’s the reason why they stare, but I’m pretty normal I guess. I just need to grow a thicker skin and forget about my shyness. Especially around good looking guys!

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  • Lerato

    Yeah i agree being around some1 u have a crush to can make u shy.this has also happened to me even now around my boyfriend

  • Patricia

    For me, I’m afraid that, if other people see us talking together, they will make fun of me. I’m afraid that I will not know what to say if one of his friends comes over while we are talking. And I’m afraid that he’ll smirk at me for trying to talk to him. Usually, I’ll wait to see if he tries to talk to me a couple of times before confirming that he likes me as well.

  • Jen

    I so shy around my crush, really really shy. Im really quiet! I’m normally foolish and an “idiot” but when I come around him with my friends I’m really shy, quiet and nervous. I try to be myself, everytime I feel like I’m just being weird, then I realize I’m being. Weird for being quiet and, ohhh, it hate it. My crush already knows I like him but how can I get over my shyness and start talking to him?! He doesn’t mind if I would talk to him, it’s just that I’m so shyyyyyy!

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  • Breastlover

    Breasts are sexy.

    • Anthony

      I agree. Interesting how powerful a crush is when a girl has one. It’s amazing actually. Most girls once they have a crush on a guy they don’t let up. It’s like it lasts for years in some cases. Amazing. No matter what the guy does, sometimes the girl still has a crush on him. He could even have another girlfriend.


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  • Oli charity

    Despite my age am still shy because i felt they will not like me and that has been one of the problems am having when am with a guy.