Tales Of A Clumsy Girl: Falling Up

A daily expression for me. Source: Shutterstock

A daily expression for me. Source: Shutterstock

I know y’all are really open here and share so many things with us. I’m so glad we have this open dialogue, and you seem like very accepting young women. I love that! That’s exactly why I feel comfortable sharing personal things with you, whether it’s about my birth control horrors or my anxiety. But I have a confession to make…

I’m extraordinarily clumsy. Like, to a fault. So clumsy I trip over my own feet. So clumsy I run into parked cars. So clumsy I slip in the shower. I was always getting hurt as a kid to the point where my parents thought I was a hypochondriac. I was a cheerleader for nine years, and this trait led me to several very real injuries. It’s actually quite an exhausting daily struggle.

Your teen years will be filled with embarrassing moments, and frankly, those suck. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. So I’m going to share a bunch of my embarrassing moments with you. I still embarrass myself on a daily basis as an adult, and I’ve started to embrace it as an endearing quirk. I’M REALLY CLUMSY BUT STILL CUTE YOU GUYS.

I have a really big problem with stairs. It doesn’t matter how big or small the staircase is, probability says I will fall up them (yeah, I fall up not down) or slightly misstep. The science of Caitlin, I suppose.

When I was a wee little freshman in college, I had a pretty bad fall. Our student union had two really large staircases outside the front of the building. Concrete staircases. One day, I was just casually walking up the stairs with some books and my backpack when I promptly face-planted up the stairs.

This is me. Source: gifBase

This is me. Source: gifBase


I just stayed there, showered with shame and papers. I could already tell that I had scraped my knees a good bit. I hit my chin on one of the stairs, and that was a really great look for me, I think. But no one helped me! Like, when I see people fall in front of me, I try to help them out. Or at least ask if they’re okay. NO ONE DID THIS. No one even laughed! I was just lying there, totally unacknowledged.

After a few minutes, I picked myself and my pride up off the stairs and went back to my dorm. I don’t even remember what I was on my way to do. Fortunately, I only sustained some minor injuries. More of a bruised ego than anything else.

Are you clumsy like me? What’s your most embarrassing falling story? Tell me in the comments!


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  • SimplyMe

    I’m pretty clumsy, but this was not an example of it. I was in gym, and we were playing kickball. I was running to second base, when someone else threw the ball at my feet when i was running. This caused me to kind of somersault onto the ground. Even my glasses flew off! Luckily, nothing broke, except for my dignity. My whole gym class was laughing, and word spread to the entire school. I’m usually not the person to care what others think, because even I was laughing at my fall. It’s okay though, its not the end of the world!

  • sarika

    so, to start off, I’m never a clumsy girl, and I’m known for my good reflexes…but one day,while sitting normally on the chair, I was gossiping with my friends behind me so I was in an already awkward position, talking with people behind me and my body twisted back, and all of a sudden, I lost balance and the chair tilted and I fell along with my chair straight to the ground. I was wobbly after that and I couldn’t even properly get up and it was so embarrassing. A guy came to help me and all felt blurry, like a nightmare soon to end.
    I was really-REALLY embarrassed, because it rarely happens to me, and in our class…and it took me almost a day and a half to get over that event, though no one made fun of me after that…and everyone acted pretty normal. Blame that on gravity, clumsiness happens all the time 😉

  • renee

    One time after skool in 8th grade i was wlking with my bestfriend and another friend (who was a guy) and as we werw wlking there was to poles bout up to my waste and had a long chain tied from one end to another..anyways so were walking and i see the chain i started walking on the chain to keep my balance all bored and all as the i got closer to the pole the chain rises a lil more off the ground ..soo i took that as my Q to maybe stop now as i tried reaching my leg over the rising chain my foot got caught on it and i slammed into the floor all u here is a big ‘PLOT’ hit the ground ..and my bff seen the whole thing and cars passing .. but luckily my guy friend was ahead of us wlking all he herd was the plot and me getting up off the ground quick .. so embarrased there both laughing at me lol

  • JJ

    During P.E. class I was running laps and ran intoet and had to get 2 stitches in my leg. I was 12! No one ever let Me forget that!

  • Katy

    Freshman year of high school I was walking down the hallway with my freshman backpack on. I bent over to pick up a pencil and the weight of my backpack caused me to stumble and then faceplant. A couple of senior girls ran over to help me up but it was extremely embarassing.

  • angelcakes772

    im extra ckumsy too lols this past summer i was walkin along and i saw this realluy cute boy looking at me from across the street i started to flirt with my eyes and kinda flirt with him and i tripped over my own feet and fell slap in the middle of the sidewalk i jux got up and walked away as fast as i could to avoid any more incidents

  • Anna

    When I was a freshman in high school I was just trying to walk down the stairs with my friend. The stairs at our high school are pretty slick with a thin strip of that black grippy stuff on them. I stepped down like 2 stairs slipped and fell on my butt down like 6 stairs! I ended up with a huge bruise on my thy for like a week!

  • Jellytotssssss

    Okay, so outside our school school there are a BILLION steps to get to the main entrance. They are a struggle I tell you! One day last year I was walking up them when I knew that this boy that had a crush on me (and I had a teeny tiny crush on him) was right behind me. I thought to myself ‘be cool Laura’ and straight away I tripped on the steps and face planted!! Probably the most embarrassing thing ever. Next lesson he was in my class and sent me a note saying ”did you enjoy your fall??? 🙂 next time I’ll try and catch you :)” I managed to laugh it off with him but we both know it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen! I didn’t hurt myself but man it was painful watching everyone’s expression when they saw the fall 😛

  • TheSunInHerEyes

    For my eighth grade graduation, I was planning on wearing flats. I’m 5’7, so I usually don’t wear heels. My cousin, after some convincing, lent me her 4 inch heels, which were adorable, but they were ridiculously hard to walk in. Plus, she’s a foot size smaller than me, so they hurt like hell. I went to a Catholic school, so the ceremony was held in a church. When my name was called to receive my diploma, I walked up the stairs no problem, but on my way back down I lost my footing, slipped, and landed on my butt in front of roughly 200 teachers, classmates, family, and friends. My principal had to help me back on my feet. For all you clumsy girls out there, marble stairs+4 inch heels=NOT A GOOD COMBINATION!!!

  • amy

    I dislocated my knee cap in the school hallway. Thankfully it went back in place although i did scream. Funny no one noticed…. i guess i just never realized i had the power of invisibility.

  • ecg672

    I once fell up the stairs, left my file at the top then rolled all the way down them again and also fell to the floor during a fake hair pull in drama in front of my whole year. Let’s just say that I’m used to people laughing at me, I fall over so often!

  • Jillian

    My most embarrassing falling down story would have to be in my freshman year of high school. My school had a pep rally the day before we were set to leave for Thanksgiving break, hyping us all up for the Thanksgiving football game.

    We were divided by grade–freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior–on the bleachers (thick, brown, heavy bleachers) in the gym. It was at the end of the rally that it happened. I was sitting towards the middle of the bleachers and as I was coming down, instead of just stepping onto the bleachers, walking down like stairs, I thought it would be better to step on the middle space between them. Needless to say, it was an epic fail. I got my foot stuck on the bleachers, tripped, and rolled down two or three flights of bleachers before I finally got to the bottom.

    None of my fellow peers came to help me, only one teacher. Obviously, I was humiliated and I cried. I missed my bus and had to call my mom for a ride home. Thankfully, by the time we got back from break, everyone had forgotten about it. I had a sore rear end for a few days, but I was able to laugh about it later, which is the most important thing. Although I later became known as “the girl who fell down the bleachers.”

    I am a freshman in college now and I still hate bleachers.

  • Blexxx

    When I was about 14, I had a really embarassing fall. I was leaving my Religious Studies class and was messing around with some boys from my class. We were arguing and joking about something (I forget what) when we reached the stairs at the end of the corridor. Now keep in mind the bell had just gone, so every student from that floor of the building was going down those stairs, when one of my friends nudged me. Turning round to jokingly tell him off, I turned back way too fast and lost my footing. I then landed on my butt, and started to stair slide down that whole section of the stairs! By the time I picked my bag up, and assured the teacher who had helped me up I was fine, everyone had seen and my supposed “friends” were doin the worst job of keeping a straight face. But I was fine, well apart from my butt, that ached like mad!