I Love Wearing My Glasses (And You Should Love Yours Too!)


Okay, so that’s not me, but my glasses look similar! | Source: Shutterstock.com

If for some reason I can’t find my glasses, not only can I not see, but I feel like a piece of my personality is missing. Seriously.

I’ve rocked glasses since I was about nine-years-old, and I was so excited to get them (like, beyond the part about them helping me see). They started out as a part-time distance thing, but eventually I found I needed them more and more. We went through a brief break-up just before high school after I learned that my glasses falling off of my face and into a dangerous field hockey shuffle was not good, so I transitioned over to contacts.

Because I had practice every day, contacts became my go-to for most of high school, and then college. However, once I wasn’t working out all the time, I realized that I wasn’t really BFFs with my contacts. They bothered my eyes (which, full disclosure, was probably my own fault for leaving them in too long), and I hated having to get up, wash my hands, put them in, etc. I decided to go back to my primarily glasses-wearing ways.

It’s not just a matter of convenience for me, because I’ve realized that honestly, I truly LOVE wearing glasses. I totally consider them my number one fashion accessory, and thinking back over the years, I’ve rocked quite a few pairs of cool glasses. My first pair in elementary school were these blue and pink speckled ones. These also came in a sweet blue case with bees on it. Jealous?

After that I went for rectangular ones with a purple tint, to rectangular ones with black frames, to brown ones with a slight cat-eye shape. Maybe my favorite of all time was my junior year of college when I got hot pink rectangular glasses with black polka dots on the side. However, I do love my current glasses quite a lot. They have black frames and are kind of over-sized, and I got them right before I moved to NYC.

Not only do my glasses keep me from going into a panic when I realize how blurry everything is around me, but I love that they’re this part of me that can show off my personality or allow me to re-invent myself in a small way whenever I get a new pair. And on those days where I do wear contacts? People don’t always recognize me right away, which can get annoying, but more pressing, I usually end up poking myself in the eye because of my habit of pushing my glasses up on my nose. However, I do try to fix that by having brightly colored sunglasses with me on my contacts days (photo proof).

Getting glasses is really no big deal – they are going to help you out soooooo much when it comes to actually being able to see. Seriously, if I had to live in my blurry world, it would not be good or safe. While the primary function of your glasses is to help out your vision, it really does help to think of your glasses as a chance to embrace your personality with flair. Picking out your clothes and showing them off is fun, right? Then I say have fun picking out your glasses and rocking them with confidence!

Do you wear glasses? If so, do you like wearing them? What do they look like? Do you remember when you first got glasses? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. avatarJulia says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses for four years, and I love them. Lately everyone has been trying to persuade me to get contacts, and I’ve been seriously thinking about it. First of all, I’m super squeamish, but beyond that, I really love my glasses. I get so excited when I get new frames, not only for actually being able to see, but the new style. They represent me, and I feel like half my face is gone when I’m not wearing them!

  2. avatarGinny811 says:

    Yeah I have glasses I am not sure that I love them or not.

  3. avatarMarie says:

    i LOVE mine to they really do make me complete … only i can still see without them only i can see better with them. even when i dont have them on i still push my nose as if my glasses were on my face….

    • avatarJim says:

      Meg it is nice to see how much you really embrace wearing your glasses. You have made them a part of who you are and you enjoy shopping for new glasses just as would for shoes. Something you didn’t say, but I am sure you also enjoy the complements on your glasses when you get a new pair. Funny thing have you ever thought about how many more complements you get on your glasses than on new shoes? I bet on the days you choose to wear contacts you probably feel somewhat naked don’t you?
      Marie it’s good that your vision is still good enough that you can see pretty well without your glasses, but if you truly enjoy wearing your glasses like Meg does then even with a weak prescription there is no harm in wearing your glasses as much as you like, even full time. Wearing your glasses won’t cause your eyes to get any worse.

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