Have You Ever Wondered What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas? Now You Don’t Have To

vagina reactionsObviously, guys who are gay aren’t really into vaginas. No big deal. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some, um, weirdly hilarious about our lady parts. Because they do. Oh man, they do.

Now, I know this video can’t speak for every gay guy out there, and honestly, who knows if this is legit or scripted, but I kind of don’t even care. This video is hilarious! There are so many quotes I want to pull from it. I want to write them down and hang them up in the Gurl office so that we can all read them and laugh when we’re feeling bummed out. Unfortunately, I’m not that crafty, so it would probably just end up looking lame.

When asked what they think about vaginas, the guys in this video all had their own reactions. Actually, their reactions are all kind of similar in that they all giggle and blush like pre-pubescent boys being asked about sex. Despite their funny reactions, I have to sort of shake my head. Guys, it’s just a vagina! They’re really not weird, I swear. I mean, sure, everyone’s down there area is a little bit weird when you think about it, but whatever. Vaginas are definitely not as scary and strange as these dudes make them out to be.

One guy compares vaginas to the lips of a really old woman. Mmm, that sounds weird, so I’m going to say not so much. Another guy compares vaginas to a watermelon, “like that wet, cold feeling.” Huh. I wouldn’t compare a vagina to a watermelon. I wouldn’t really call a vagina… cold. Another guy compares them to grilled cheese sandwiches. I don’t… I don’t think so.

But the coolest part? When one guy says, “They’re kind of a beautiful thing. Without them, we can’t create life. Another guy adds, “I just had a realization that I owe everything that I enjoy in this world to vaginas. Vaginas, thank you.” Aw, guys! Vaginas are pretty awesome, we agree.

Watch the video for yourself for more ridiculous reactions to vaginas. Also, I’ve never written vagina so much in one post. Just a thought.

Did you think this video was funny? What do you think about vaginas? Tell us in the comments!


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  • ActOnYourImpulse

    They’re weird and I’m just glad I’m not a guy so I don’t have to deal with them xD

  • Joe

    I have no words to describe this. Only the realization that I would love to have a gay friend. We would have some very interesting conversations. Oh my……

  • serenity

    Omg haahahahaah wth is going on here??!