Why Does Selena Gomez Hate Girls Other Than Taylor Swift?

selena gomez taylor swift hate girls

Selena Gomez didn’t say she hates girls, but she doesn’t trust any other than Taylor Swift. WTF? | Source: Instagram

In a new interview, Selena Gomez pretty much hopped on the bandwagon of girls that hate girls. And honestly, this is so annoying, because, well, girls–you know, like youare awesome.

Talking to Nylon magazine, Selena talked about her BFF Taylor Swift and pretty much said she’s the only girl she’s friends with. “We both experienced the same things at the same time. But we’ve never once talked about our industry. She just became the person I’d go to for an issue with my family or boyfriend. It’s so hard to trust girls, so I’m lucky to have her.”

Here’s the thing: When you’re Selena Gomez and you’re in a really competitive industry, it’s sort of easy to understand why she’d keep her circle fairly small. She may not want to lose out on a role, or she may be afraid of frenemies blabbing her secrets (like about her millionth split from Justin Bieber) to the press. But why single out girls as being hard to trust?

The fact is, people in general, not just girls, like to gossip. In fact, studies have shown that guys actually gossip more than girls do.

One of the reasons why “girls who hate girls” seem to be so common is because of the idea that it makes being “one of the guys” seem easier. And dude, there’s nothing wrong with having guy friends. Guy friends are awesome! But there is something wrong with dismissing an entire gender of people just because you may have had a negative experience with some of them at some point.

Think of it this way: If you replaced “girls” with, say, “Asians” or “blacks” or “homosexuals” in the sentences “It’s so hard to trust girls” or “I hate girls,” it would sound really bad, right?

It’s a bummer that this mode of thinking is so universally accepted. Girls are amazing. If you hate girls, and you are a girl, are you sure the problem isn’t just with the girls you happen to know? Or did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, if you’re convinced that every girl hates you and you hate girls in general, that you’re the problem?

If you have problems trusting people, that’s one thing. But claiming that girls are hard to trust and that you hate girls won’t improve any situations at all, nor will it make any other girls necessarily want to like you–and it just becomes sort of a vicious cycle. (And full disclosure? It will make guys see you as sort of dramatic.) A better rule of thumb? If you want to keep something secret, don’t tell a girl or a guy. Tell your diary, lock it up, and go about your business instead of forming hurtful generalizations and harboring sexist stereotypes that girls are malicious, mean, and gossipy. Because most of the time, even though she and you are rad, Selena Gomez and girls who hate girls really have problems accepting themselves.

Plus, chances are your guy friends will never give you a tampon in an emergency.

Do you think Selena Gomez is right to not trust girls other than Taylor Swift? Do you think girls who hate girls have a good reason to hate girls? Do you hate girls? Do you trust other girls? Tell us in the comments!


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  • bakerychaz

    I think she’s just saying that girls aren’t particularly trustworthy – that may not be true of ALL girls, but I think some to most girls aren’t particularly trustworthy. (I’m a girl too, by the way)

  • Adrienne

    When Selena Gomez was on Disney, wasn’t she pretty vocal about her and Demi Lovato being best friends? What happened there?

    And to all those agreeing with her because you have been through similar situations, don’t lose heart! Chances are you’re on high school where girls are often MEAN. Not everybody is like that! Reading things like this make me so sad 🙁

  • Dayala

    Its funny because she said that Demi Lavato was her BFF earlier..Girls aren’t hard to trust. Certain people are. Saying girls, but not meaning ALL girls is misleading. You can also be proclaimed slut by a guy as easily as you can by a girl.

  • Absurd7

    Okay, whoever wrote this article has had amazing girl friends. Great.
    But unfortunately, all of us aren’t that lucky. My life has been hell because most of the girls I have met till now have been untrustworthy, backstabbing, “smile-in-your-face-but-call-you-a-slut-behind-your-back” girls.
    I’m not saying that all the girls are like that, but yes, most of them are. And people like me, like Selena, have trust issues because we went through it. I have a total of 2 best girl friends in my life, and the rest are guys.
    And you know what? Your guy best friend can run to the store and get a tampon for you if he cares.

  • Megan

    “But there is something wrong with dismissing an entire gender of people just because you may have had a negative experience with some of them at some point.”

    I disagree. I’ve had tons of mean girl friends. I’ve had lots of girl friends who screwed me over and treated me like garbage. I don’t have girlfriends anymore because every girl I try to be friends with just isn’t all that nice. I like guys. I’ve never had problems with them as friends. No lies and no drama.

  • Lucy

    HAAAA. Selena has loads of friends, so this article was probably made up or something. At the golden globes she hung out with Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and I think Ashley Benson and they all seemed very friendly.

  • basschick

    i think she is being interpreted as someone who is boxing herself off by saying she does not trust girls. “oh, you are a girl? i am not even going to try to be your friend because i can’t trust ANY girls.”

    um, no, i think that is not want she is trying to say.

    i think that maybe she has had major trust issues in the past. TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE.

    also, maybe it is a way of saying “i love you, taylors swift. thank you for being a great friend!” and getting the media off taylor swifts back. a way of saying, taylor swift is a trustful friend and a great person, not just a girl who dates to write songs and build her career. (trust me, one guy can be the target for many songs (happy and sad) about love, ok?)

    • basschick

      and since it is hard to find any friends in her industry that is not a celeb, maybe taylor swift is the one girl that has stayed true to herself and is willing to be who she is and accept her for who she is. maybe other girls she has befriended has stabed her in the back by spilling personal info to the press and taylor has been the only one who doesn’t.

      plus she says she talkes to her about things OTHER THAN THEIR JOBS. hello, that is a true friend. maybe other people she tried to befriend would not talk about anything but their jobs.

  • Lola

    Ok now,this was totally ridiculous..she said”She don’t trust girls” and you changed it to”she hate girls”..i mean everybody knows that no one can trust girls..especially in celebrity matters..i also don’t trust any other girl other than my bff.every girl once in her life must have gossip about one another..seriously this article was of no sense.stop making fun of celebrities ou don’t like!!

    • bakerychaz

      I agree.

  • Madeline

    I don’t think that is really what she means…. She just said they are hard to trust- and that is somewhat true! I find that no matter who I tell and what I tell it always gets spilled, they even may seem trustworthy! I understand your point though!

    Xoxo M

  • Tara

    This article makes no sense that is not what she said…she has tons of other friends prob