The Commandments Of Leggings As Pants

I don't even think I own real pants anymore. Source: Shutterstock

I don’t even think I own real pants anymore. Source: Shutterstock

One of my guy friends told me to put on some pants the other day. I was really confused because I was wearing pants. Well, I was wearing leggings. But leggings are pants in my mind and wardrobe. And what would have made my leggings more pants-esque? Pockets on my butt? A zipper? How do my leggings differ from my skinny jeans other than those factors? Oh right… THEY DON’T.

I’m here to state that I am pro-leggings as pants. I know it’s a controversial stance, but I don’t care. I’ll lobby for it in front of Congress if I have to! Leggings are pants. They are just super stretchy, amazingly comfortable pants. They breathe better, they’re less constricting and you can eat and eat and eat in them without having to unbutton.

I don’t know why this is deemed unacceptable by some. I mean, of course there are some rules you should follow. I dub these the Commandments Of Leggings As Pants:

1. Leggings must not be see-through: This is very important. Many stores sell leggings that are so thin, you can see all your business. That’s just really impractical. See-through pants will not keep you warm. Make sure your leggings are opaque because then they will be pants. See-through leggings are known as tights or pantyhose.

2. In the event your leggings are sheer, wear a long top: If you can in fact see through your leggings, you must wear something that covers your butt. Seriously, just do it.

3. Leggings must not have holes in them: Obviously your leggings are comfortable so you will wear them all the time. They will rip and tear from use eventually. In the event that this happens, buy new leggings.

4. Leggings should be the appropriate size: Leggings do come in sizes. Because they are pants. But rules of pants also apply here, which means you should buy the size that your body needs. No one sees your tag except you, and if it bothers you just snip the tag off.

5. Leggings should be of neutral colors: Black, gray, brown, navy. Patterned leggings are a thing now and these are fine, but use your best judgement. White leggings are a no-go.

So if you want to wear leggings as pants, go for it! Don’t let your regular-pants-wearing friends or anyone else ruin your comfort!

Do you wear leggings as pants? Do you think leggings are pants? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Kelly Love

    Yes, Leggings are pants. Opaque footed tights are pants. If it covers everything and is comfortable and looks good (the way these do) then go for it.

  • KenzVentura

    I adore my leggings. Wear what YOU feel comfortable in!

  • Shannon

    At our school, pants that aren’t jeans/khakis are banned as it is. On Fridays if we pay a dollar to a club we can wear whatever pants we want. Recently our principal said no yogas or leggings and I think it’s stupid. Nobody is getting sexually harassed because of them, and I just straight up want to be comfortable. Plus, they look really cute with the right boots.

  • Danni101

    I have a problem when it comes to wearing legging, my leggings are very appropriate but my mom is like take them off if i go out with them.

    • Kelly Love

      I’m 33, and I wear them in a professional work setting. I have been raised in a rather conservative, church going household all of my life, I am a church going, Republican voting, firearm carrying responsible adult who pays her bills, and doesn’t sleep around…and did I mention I work in a professional (IT) setting and they are just fine there???

  • Kayleigh

    As a drama student who has to be able to run around a theatre like a mad woman, I am in full support of the ‘Leggings ARE pants’ movement (or trousers since im british) I wear leggings at least twice a week because lets face it – Skinny jeans are not practical, and any other cut of trouser makes me look like I have elephant legs. I very rarely wear them with a long top/dress because I don’t think I have to!


  • Loveyogapants:)

    I started wearing yoga pants (or also known as leggings) because I thought they looked especially comfortable and guess what, turns out they are so then I started hearing about what a nice butt I have and I’m like okay no prob(: i wear them now to feel sexy sorry if that was kinda pointless but yay yoga pants. I don’t think they’re that much of a deal and if you have a problem with them don’t wear them. It sounds stupid but really.

  • Sampajama

    I’ve seen way too many but cracks and thongs for my liking, so I’d have to disagree. It’s from experience.

  • monica

    Leggings are meant to be worn with long shirts or dresses end of story. No matter how thick they r. Besides who wants to show the world their panty line? Wear them the way they were meant to be worn or dont wear them at all

  • Sophia

    okay so i totally agree with the leggings as pants thing because if you wear them right its not that big of a deal. Some people pull out the VPL argument but yoga pants and even skinny jeans(sometimes) give a little VPL. so if you wear the right kind of under wear the right type of underwear like briefs instead of bikini cut because the line goes right across your cheek. then its fine. Leggings are just fine as pants.

  • basschick

    leggings are a footless way to wear tights with skirts and dresses (because the seam-line on the toe of regular tights can be so uncomfortable). whoever started this fad of “leggings as pants” is crazy. no matter what size you are, it is unattractive becaue it shows off WAY to much “curves” in all the wrong places.

  • layla


    • Samantha

      AMEN!!! 🙂