Are Cleavage Selfies Like KUBoobs Really Promoting College Football?

Do cleavage selfies like #KUBoobs really improve school spirit--or just objectify female fans of college football? | Source: Twitter

Do cleavage selfies like #KUBoobs really improve school spirit–or just objectify female fans of college football? | Source: Twitter

You’ve probably taken selfies at some point, because a lot of times you look cute and there isn’t anyone else there to hold a camera for you. In some of those selfies, you may have shown some cleavage, because for some of us it’s unavoidable and for some of us, we want to flaunt what we’ve got while it’s in the right place. Fair enough. But why are we using school spirit or college football as an excuse for it?

Cleavage selfies are making a huge wave on Instagram and Twitter. College football fans will rock a V-neck–sometimes less–with their school mascot, logo, or team name, and they’ll show off their chests with the excuse that they just have a lot of school pride. A University of Kansas student started the phenomenon, hashtagging her shot with “#kuboobs,” and she pretty much created a monster.

It took off to universities and colleges all over the country, using sports as a reason to show off boobs in selfies. But let’s be real: these girls may in fact have school pride, but that’s not the motivation here.

Cleavage selfies don’t actually have any real impact on athletic performance. If you want to help your student athletes and college football program, fundraise. Cheer from stands. Donate to the athletic department of your school. If you’re really knowledgeable of the sport, offer pointers to the coaches. If you want to show cleavage, by all means – it’s your body and it’s your right. More power to you for being confident! But don’t think people aren’t onto you.

And also remember that everything you post online anywhere has a chance of being shown, exposed, or sent to someone you may not necessarily want to see it. You’re smart. You’re hot. Just remember to be smart enough to know that you’re hot without necessarily needing the approval and attention of strangers on the Internet – and that unless your body is on the field, your cleavage isn’t scoring any touchdowns.

Do you think school spirit is really motivating these cleavage selfies? Do you think cleavage selfies are a good way to promote college football? Would you take a cleavage selfie for your team? Tell us in the comments!


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