5 Wacky Period Myths

That was my face when I read these myths. Source: Shutterstock

That was my face when I read these myths. Source: Shutterstock

It’s weird enough that us ladies bleed for a few days and still live. Like the whole concept of menstruation makes sense, but it’s totally bizarre if you really think about it. We have to deal with all kinds of crazy when we’re on our periods from PMS to cramps.

And then we have all these rumors about things we can and can’t do during our period. Some super common ones are that you can’t get pregnant if you have sex on your period. False, you totally can. It’s rare, but it happens. You can also go swimming and your tampon will not absorb a bunch of water and make you sink. And exercising helps your cramps so you can stop using that as an excuse!

But there are some way stranger myths about menstruation floating around and I just had to share them with y’all!

And here’s an awesome video on this topic, too! Watch it!

What’s your favorite period myth? Are there any you thought were true? Tell me in the comments!

What do you do if you missed your period but you don’t have sex?

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  • Cynthia

    I’ve heard that you can’t eat watermelon when you’re on you’re period because it makes cramps worse.

  • Johnb11

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  • Kim

    So I get that bears and sharks won’t attack me but I have some other concerns. What about elephant seals or empire penguins? I have been attacked by both during my period.

  • Tiffany

    Everyone tells me to stay away from the cold and cold foods when I’m on my period. I have cereal, slurpees, ice cream, and go swimming. I dont get painful cramps.

  • Morganne

    I always eat like sherbet when I have cramps and it makes them go away.

  • Faith

    I heard you’re more likely to get haunted by ghosts when you’re on your period

  • Laurence

    You really shouldn’t eat cold food like ice cream or whatever when on your period, because even if Science says it won’t affect you, EXPERIENCE SAYS YOU WILL CRAMP LIKE HELL.

    And that’s not just me saying that.

    • Maisie

      So true! I doesn’t affect anyone the same, but most people I know will get worse cramps, headaches, backaches, or even just a little grumpier if they eat cold foods. My doctor has even told me to stay away from them while on my period. I have no idea what kind of research backs up that “debunked” myth

  • Sara

    My mom had a friend in high school whose mother seriously believed the washing your hair thing, so whenever the poor girl had her period, all her friends knew because her hair would be dirty for a week. 😛

  • lily

    Well, the vagina flipping made my day in a weird way. I bet the next myth is that you will grow a penis if you swim in salt water pools on your period. These myths seem that ramdom

  • Alexandra

    I’m actually surprised at the bear one, because if you have your period around a dog and you wear pads instead of tampons… Well… good luck…

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  • BeliebInMB

    What the hell does your vagina flipping upside down even mean?

  • Missy

    What in the world…some of these, like seriously?

  • Rain

    Lol I dont know…I think the bare feet and eating cold things is true. I always seem to cramp more when I eat cold things or my feet are cold, could be just me though lol

  • Rose

    Well the shark one could be true if your period is going through your swimsuit/scuba outfit which I hope isn’t the case!