Men Makeup Wearers Are Everywhere–Your Dude May Be Stealing Your Lip Gloss!

men makeup

Men makeup wearers are out there–and they may be snatching your shadows! | Source: ShutterStock

If you have brothers or a boyfriend who stays over sometimes, you may be a victim of men makeup thieves, because men makeup wearers are growing in numbers. In fact, 1 in 10 guys admit to wearing makeup–but how often do you see them buying any of it? Which means they have to be getting it from somewhere. You know, like your bathroom.

A new survey reports that men makeup habits are more prevalent than most of us thought. 11 percent of dudes wear makeup in secret, probably to enhance their natural beauty. Fair enough–if we can cover up our zits, why can’t they? About half of those guys said they wore makeup regularly, but 21 percent wore it everyday. Every. Day. You know what that means? If he complains about makeup on his pillowcase, it may not necessarily have come off of your face. But it may well have come out of your bag.

As for what makeup men use the most? Concealer, because, well, no one is perfect (not even Harry Styles, though he comes really, really close)–71 percent of guys admit to covering up with it. So if you’re missing your foundation stick, don’t go yelling at your sister so quickly. Your boyfriend or your brother may be spackling over their own skin.

Next up? Lip gloss, probably because it’s delicious, then eyeliner, because there are a few people out there who think Pete Wentz is still relevant. (We’re not sure who they are, but they’re out there.) Bronzer and mascara were next, because if there’s anyone on Earth who’s a total sex symbol, it’s Pauly D. Or whatever the opposite of that is.

Something relatively important to keep in mind about men makeup thieves: They’re sneaky, they’re sheepish and they won’t admit that they’re pilfing your peach lipstick, even if you ask them about it.

Keep all of this in mind next time a guy puts his hands in your pockets: men makeup thieves are out there. Sure, he may want to grab your butt. But he may also want to grab your blush.

Do you think men who wear makeup are less manly or just more concerned with their appearance? Have you ever fallen victim to men makeup thieves? Tell us in the comments!

Here’s hoping men makeup users wash it off more often than these guys do!

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  • dave

    At first it was a bit awkward wearing a little makeup here and there at my wife’s request. We started exploring better products at Sephora and makeup counters (Estee Lauder). Now she doesn’t let me out of the house without it. Says I look blah. Thanks. Anyway a little mascara, the right tone foundation and concealer, upper eye liner, light eye shadow and all day lipstick in mauve. For parties, that’s another thing! But I found the woman like it and my guy friends are mostly jealous. Perhaps trying it before you hate it.. ha. Now it is a daily ritual. Not sure that is a good thing though….lastly, take the time to buy quality products. Costs more. But you don’t look like a drag queen.

  • john

    I think all men should be able to make up if they wish from foundation to eye shadow, false lashes, eye liner, lipstick, and nail etc. As now a days it is equaly and it can make you feel great. and women should accept it, as we have to accept them wearing men clothing etc, some girls don t like it when the boot is on the other foot.

  • Raven

    Honestly, I think guys wearing makeup is cool. Every guy should have the opportunity to feel as awesome as I do when I put on makeup.

    Also, guyliner is the sexiest thing ever. Just saying.

    • ed99919

      Pete freaking Wentz yo <3

  • QueenBe

    So GLAD my guy does NOT use make-up(or wear EARRINGS!!) I’m a lil more ‘Old School’ and prefer my men more traditionally ‘manly-looking’! I gave up make-up myself as I’m CONFIDENT enough in my looks and therefore don’t ‘need’ it. But to each their own!

  • Joy

    No, we wear makeup to make ourselves look better to guys so why can’t they do the same.

    • Stefannie