Get Confident With These 10 Red Accessories Under $10!

Not only did Taylor Swift release her album Red (yeah, I maybe listen to it a lot), but we’ve also seen her rocking red dresses and red lipstick quite a bit. It turns out, the singer may be onto something when it comes to self-empowerment.

According to a poll of 1,000 women conducted by the British Heart Foundation, 40 percent of the women who responded said that when they wore red they felt it upped their “professional confidence.” It didn’t have to be a full head-to-toe red wardrobe either! Twenty-six percent of the women polled said that even putting some red on their lips had a positive effect on their confidence. It’s actually pretty cool how the color was able to perk them up!

But 29 percent of the women said they wished they were brave enough to wear more red. To them I say, “I know you can rock it!” I myself actually don’t wear all that much red, but I got a red coat for Christmas that I LOVE, and I do feel pretty confident wearing it as I strut down the NYC streets. If you’re at all a little nervous about bringing red into your wardrobe or simply aren’t sure where to start, we’ve found 10 awesome items for under $10 that’ll hopefully get you some of those “I feel amazing!” benefits.

Do you often wear red? Do you have a favorite red outfit? Do you feel more confident when you wear it? Tell us in the comments!


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