Can These Jeans Really Get Rid Of Cellulite?!

get rid of cellulite

Cute… but effective?

I know you’re supposed to love your body for what it is and all that, and I fully support that statement, but when it comes to cellulite… well, let’s just say there are some things I would do to get rid of it. Nothing crazy, but you know, I’m willing to experiment a little bit. And I have, sort of, but so far nothing has worked.

So it’s with a very hesitant state of mind that I present to you these jeans that supposedly help get rid of cellulite. Jeans that accomplish something few people in science have been able to accomplish? I’m more than a little skeptical.

What exactly are these magical, cellulite-fighting jeans? The line is called Denim Spa Therapy For Legs by Wrangler, and though it was discussed last year, it’s just about to hit stores next month. There are three different kinds of jeans in this super special line: the Aloe Vera jeans (which soothe sensitive skin), the Olive Extract jeans (which moisturizes skin) and the Smooth Legs jeans which, you guessed it, help get rid of cellulite.

A post in Telegraph says this about the supposed miracle jeans: they claim “to help reduce the dreaded orange-peel texture of cellulite. Infused with algae extracts, retinol and caffeine, the style was clinically tested by the Institut Adriant in France, where after four weeks of wearing the jeans for eight hours a day, five days a week over six weeks, 69 per cent of the panel claimed that the appearance of their thighs had improved.”

Hm. Sounds, dare I say, promising? Sort of. But then I think about it and realize that there is no proven cure for cellulite, and if there were, you wouldn’t find it in a pair of Wrangler jeans that cost about $135. I also think it would be a really big deal. Like, really big. Like you would have heard about this by now and also the majority of women in the world would be throwing little “Bye Cellulite Forever” parties.

But I guess these jeans aren’t promising that they cure cellulite, just that they reduce the appearance of it. And that’s totally possible, since there are creams and treatments that can do that. However, don’t get that confused with a cure or the idea that this will reduce your cellulite forever. These are only temporary solutions.

Also, this feels weird to me for other reasons. One, what’s exactly the point of reducing the appearance of cellulite while you’re wearing jeans that cover up that cellulite anyway? Two, don’t all of these jeans sound really uncomfortable? I mean, they obviously have some sort of lotion or cream in them. I don’t see that as comfy. All I’m imagining is a sort of squishy feeling in your pants, which… ew.

Basically, these sound like a quick, easy, temporary and lazy fix to cellulite. But you know what? Whatever. If you want to try them, go for it. On the outside, they look cute. If they make you feel good about yourself, I’m all for it. Just keep in mind that they’re not fixing your cellulite forever. Also keep in mind that despite what I said in the first paragraph, cellulite really isn’t that big of a deal and I’m not even really that bummed about it. Everyone has it, even Kim Kardashian who is annoying but has an amazing bod. It’s a part of life. Who cares if it’s there? You’re still awesome!

Would you buy any of these jeans? Do you have cellulite? How do you feel about it? Tell me in the comments! 


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  • Sarah Chaney

    Hey thanks for this awareness article.

  • layney

    hey, thanks for the honest opinion. And for not blowing things out of proportion. I’m with you–cellulite is a part of the human experience of getting older. Accept yourself, and think of other things besides your looks. love ya gals!