Tumblr Vs. Facebook: Who Wins?

I just read a recent survey that found that Facebook is no longer the coolest social media site around – Tumblr is! A survey of more than a thousand teenagers found that 60 percent of teens aged 13-18 use Tumblr while only a little over 50 percent use Facebook. That might not seem like a huge difference, but for Facebook, it’s probably a pretty big blow. We’re talking about one of the most popular sites in the world, a site that changed the way we use social media forever. So the fact that more teens may be using Tumblr more than Facebook is kind of a big deal.

At first, I was like, hm. That can’t be right. Everyone and their mom (literally) has a Facebook. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Facebook has gotten kind of, dare I say, lame lately. I, for one, am over the weird oversharing (yesterday someone on my Newsfeed detailed their food poisoning. Gross! TMI! Don’t do that!) and the constant need to feel like you always know what everyone is doing. I guess I’m not alone.

Maybe it’s all of the recent changes or maybe it’s because we’re just looking for something new, but I can totally see how Tumblr is winning this race. Tumblr is awesome! Tumblr is fun and interesting and never gets boring. But I guess to be fair, I have to say that Facebook has it’s good side also. So, I decided to pit them against each other: Facebook vs. Tumblr. Who wins? You tell us!

What do you like better: Tumblr or Facebook? Why? What’s your favorite site ever? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Goranko

    I deleted my Facebook account and I still use Tumblr. I made my Tumblr account before Facebook. On Tumblr I can create my websites. People who are interested in my blogs and posts can easily find them. My blogs and posts are seen without registration on Tumblr. On Facebook, someone need to register and friend me although he does not know me. On Facebook, there are a lot of uninteresting personal content (photos and videos from birthdays, weddings, conserts etc). I don’t see personal content on Tumblr.

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  • lizzythekpopper

    (Shoot me for breaking the rule) but TUMBLR TUMBLR TUMBLR! I’m not the social type, so Facebook is like talking to a wall for me.
    Plus on Tumblr I can find people who like all the same things as me! And all the GIFS are the best part! I love it so much…

  • she

    I love tumblr so much!

  • LouAnne


  • Avery

    I love tumblr more than facebook. Facebook is nothing but drama unlike tumblr

  • Becca

    You do know the first rule of tumblr is not to mentio us to the outside world right?

  • Bree

    I personally like facebook better bcuz, i hate 2 say this ,hve only been on tumblr once and ya know fb is my baby so gotta stick with it