Are You Good At Playing Hard To Get?


Is she playing hard to get… or uninterested? | Source: Shutterstock

Some info has surfaced recently that playing hard to get could actually work in some scenarios. Hmmmm… Do you know if you’re in fact playing hard to get (or not) with your crush? Our latest quiz will clue you on if you’ve nailed down the art of playing hard to get with that certain someone.

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Do you think playing hard to get works? Have you ever had success playing hard to get? Has someone you liked ever played hard to get? Tell us in the comments!

Are You Giving Your Crush The Right Vibes? Take The Quiz!

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  • Cupids-Arrow

    Guys want what they can’t have. It just drives them crazy, but don’t go to far over-board by playing too hard to get they might lose interest.