9 Helpful Tips On How To Be Single!

Real talk for a second: I didn’t think Tina Fey’s joke at the Golden Globes about Taylor Swift needing some “me time” was all that bad, because honestly, all of us need to make sure we’re cool when we’re just hanging out with me, myself and I. Whether you just broke up with someone and are newly single or you haven’t been dating in a while, it can seem a little overwhelming to openly embrace everything it means to just be single and let the world revolve around you for a bit.

Being single doesn’t have to be a bummer (but you know that, because we’ve said it before), but we know that sometimes it’s easy to find yourself in dating rut and feel down about it. Well, we’re going to tell you how to make te most of being single with a little help from the experiences of some of our celeb friends.

What do you think is the best part of being single? Do you have any tips on how to make being single an amazing experience? Tell me in the comments.


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