Grooming Men: Are Guys Really That Gross?

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Men grooming themselves doesn’t happen as often as we thought, but it’s not a huge deal. | Source: ShutterStock

A relatively pointless survey was done recently to see how much grooming men do, and apparently most guys in the study reported washing their faces six times a week instead of seven, and they only spend about five minutes a week washing their faces. And guess what? It’s supposed to be a huge deal.

Here’s why it’s not.

First of all, there are reasons we lather up more than guys do. We have makeup to wash off, hair products from our bangs to get rid of–most guys don’t. Second, dudes have things to deal with on their faces that we don’t–razor burn and the like–that can actually make washing a little uncomfortable. Third, some dermatologists recommend not washing so often because you can strip your face of the natural oils it needs to be healthy. So why is this even an issue?!

The study went on to reveal that guys would rather spend time grooming their bods and working out than poking or prodding at their mugs. They also worry more about going bald than about their faces–because guess what’s more permanent out of a receding hairline or a zit?

Let’s be real. Since most guys don’t play with makeup–which is a lot of fun–they don’t get the same joy out of spending as much time on their faces as we do. They have better things to do, like burping, telling fart jokes and plotting on the best ways to ask you out. (And when they do? They’re usually on time, because they didn’t spend an hour in the bathroom like we did.)

Do you think guys need to wash their faces as often as we do? Do you think men grooming a little less often that we do is a big deal? Tell us in the comments!

This girl doesn’t shower everyday–big deal!

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