The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Makeup

Makeup can be a lot of fun, and I love trying out eye-popping colors and different products! The only problem is that I am definitely not patient enough to give makeup application the proper time it so often needs. I end up just kind of coloring recklessly on my face, or in many more cases, I just give up on the whole thing.

By no means do you have to wear makeup, but it can sometimes provide a great confidence boost for many of us. I want all of the fabulous parts of makeup, but without having to spend a whole bunch of time on it. What’s a lazy girl to do? Why not check out these makeup tips to get those same benefits of a well-done makeup application in a way that’s maybe, well, a little (a lot?) lazier?

How long does it usually take you to put on your makeup? Do you have any tips about how to apply on makeup? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Anna

    I nearly died laughing while reading this article.