How To Nap Your Way To Better Grades!

how to nap

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Look, I get it: You’re probably so busy all the time that a post on how to nap probably sounds dumb. But it’s not! Hear me out: If your grades have been suffering and you’re cranky or not eating the way you should, a lack of sleep may be to blame–and a nap may be the answer. Here are expert tips on how to nap to be a more productive, healthy, smarter person–not a lazy jerk.

The most important thing when learning how to nap? Know that taking a nap isn’t for lazy people or bums. It’s for people who don’t sleep enough at night and feel tired during the day. So don’t feel guilty for taking an afternoon siesta if you need one!

The second most important factor of how to nap? How long to nap. Anything longer than 10 minutes may actually make you more tired than you were to start with. Studies showed that your memory is better and you think more clearly after a quick 10-minute snooze, so not only should you not feel guilty for taking a quick nap, you should feel productive for it. You know how when you feel sort of like a zombie and doing something as simple as a basic algebra problem (okay, so for some of us–ahem, me–that’s not so simple) or a super easy history question takes forever? Even when you know it should take like, two minutes? This should fix that!

Knowing when to take a nap is pretty integral to making the most of it, too. You probably find that you get sleepy around the same time each day–after lunch or around 4 are both pretty common. You probably can’t nap during school, but if you get tired afterwards, use that for snoozing for 10 minutes before dinner or homework get in the way.

Having the right setting–or just the right equipment–are big factors in how to nap. (I know, you’re probably like, “WTF is nap equipment?”) If your room is too bright during the day, an eye mask or darker blinds will be a huge help. Make sure it’s quiet, dark and cozy, and get to snoring, drooling and dreaming!

And if those tips on how to nap don’t work? Grab a latte a little before your tiredness usually hits you. Experts say preemptive caffeine’s a smart move–but not after 3:00 PM, or else you’ll have trouble sleeping that night!

Have you ever wondered how to nap to avoid dozing off in biology class? Do you nap daily? When do you feel sleepiest? How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Tell us in the comments!

How much sleep do you really need?

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