My Love For The Unappreciated (And Discontinued) Girl Scout Cookies


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The Girl Scouts are pretty awesome for a whole lot of reasons, but I’m just going to dwell on the super obvious cookie reason for a few moments here.

As a Girl Scout, I admit that I was pretty terrible at the annual cookie sales. My entrepreneur strategy was just, “Hey Mom, can you just fill this out?” and then I’d eat the ones we bought. One time though, my house was the stockpile for my whole troop’s cookies, and I imagine that my glee was similar to what lured Hansel and Gretel to that witch’s house.

Apparently the new Girl Scout cookie this year is called Mango Creme with NutriFusion™. NutriFusion™ is some kind of substitute product and the cookies are all vitamin infused or something – basically, I agree with Jezebel that it all seems a little suspect. In general, I just don’t really buy the idea of “healthier” cookies.

My more pressing issue is that this cookie – a mango-flavored creme sandwiched smack between two vanilla-coconut cookies – actually doesn’t sound awful, but rather amazing to me. I’m a sucker for coconut cookies, and I def plan to order a box or two from my cousins who are Girl Scouts (my family for the win!). However, between this random vitamin aspect and the fact that there is no chocolate in this cookie, I just have this nagging feeling that this cookie will not have a long shelf life and will eventually be discontinued.

The thing is, I just feel like this ALWAYS happens to me with the cookies I like (or in this case, so far sound good to me)! I mean, I like a Thin Mint as much as anyone, but when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, I want something that I can’t find year round when I shell out $78 (that’s a normal amount to spend on cookies, right?) for a box of these once-a-year cookies. I always find myself drawn to less popular ones… I LOVE them, and before I know it, they’re gone. Guys, I guess I’m too anti-mainstream for the cutthroat world of Girl Scout cookie manufacturing.

This unofficial Girl Scout cookie timeline is amazing, and it reminded me of many I’d loved and lost. I thought for a while that maybe I had dreamed up Iced Ginger Daisies! But no, they were real, and I loved them, and now they are gone. Friendship Circles were another one that remember liking, and also Lemon Pastry Cremes, which I liked to put in the freezer and then eat cold.

I know some present cookies have similar flavor profiles. Animal Treasures, another fave, still basically exists as the Thanks-A-Lot cookies, but I just want my original ones. Sigh. Well, I will report back once I give the Mango Cremes a whirl, and until then, I’ll reflect on if my failure as a Girl Scout can be attributed to my apparent cookie abandonment issues.

Do you usually buy Girl Scout cookies? What’s your favorite Girls Scout cookie? Has one of your favorites ever been discontinued? What are your thoughts on this new Mango Creme cookie? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Becca

    I’m really good at cookie sales. I’ve been a girl scout since K and I’m in my 12th year of scouting. I’ve actually seen the price jump from $2.50 to $4.00 in my girl scout career.

  • Indigo

    I used to be a Girl Scout, and while everyone else ate Thin Mints, which I didn’t like, I happily ate the coconutty, caramelly, chocolatey goodness of Samoas (I just made up words right there). Yum. But these Mango Creme ones sound awesome

  • Sierra

    Samoas. That’s all I can say.