Surprising Effects Of Waxing: Is Pubic Lice Prevention One Of Them?!

Effects of waxing pubic lice prevention

One of the more surprising effects of waxing? Pubic lice prevention! | Source: ShutterStock

There are plenty of effects of waxing that we know about already: screaming (see Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin), redness and a possible increase in confidence when we rock swimwear. But Brazilian waxing in particular has a surprising benefit: pubic lice prevention.

I know–gross, but awesome at the same time. Basically, crabs used to be pretty common before Brazilian waxing became popular. Now, pubic lice are actually almost an endangered species, because they don’t have anywhere to hang out anymore. With guys and girls getting Brazilian waxing done pretty often, pubic lice cases have dropped a good 80 percent. That’s a lot.

Still, the new findings shouldn’t imply that Brazilian waxing is a cure for any STD or infection. In fact, it may be far from it. One of the other effects of waxing may be more sexual confidence, which is awesome–but the more sex you have that you aren’t super careful about, the more a chance of STDs and infections you have. While pubic lice cases have gone down dramatically, rates of other sexually transmitted diseases and infections have actually increased over time.

That may be one of the effects of waxing as well: When you wax or shave any part of your body, you risk breaking skin. When that happens, bacteria and viruses have a bigger chance of getting to you and making you sick. That’s pretty scary! Docs call this “skin trauma.” Ingrown hairs are also one of the more uncomfortable, unattractive effects of waxing–they look almost like zits, and you can get them not just from Brazilian waxing, but from any kind of hair removal, be it tweezing, shaving or creams.

How can you be safe from the scarier effects of waxing if and when you get a Brazilian? Make sure the waxer knows what she’s doing and has sterile wax and tools–no double dipping from the last customer. And if you have sensitive skin or any other health issues, from allergies to diabetes, you may want to check with a doc before booking an appointment, because you may be more prone to infections or scary reactions.

And lastly? Just because it works for pubic lice prevention, don’t feel like you need to get a Brazilian wax. It’s your body, and if you like what you have going on down there, that’s your business–and no one else’s!

Would you ever get a Brazilian just for the pubic lice prevention benefit? Have you ever gotten a Brazilian wax? Tell us in the comments!

What do guys think of hair down there?

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  • MissusH

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