Really Cosmo? Another Battle Of The Sexes Argument?

Men vs. women again? Source: Shutterstock

Men vs. women again? Source: Shutterstock

I love Cosmopolitan. They choose great cover women, give us awesome beauty tips and obviously help our sex lives. But every now and then I see things and I’m like “Look at your life, look at your choices.” Whenever I make a bad decision, that’s my first thought. When a friend does something stupid I want to shake her and yell that. That’s exactly how I felt about this groundbreaking article on things women do better than men. This article is a retaliation to a study that said men throw better than women. Why? Because science. Seriously, it’s genetics. Men just throw better.

So Cosmo rounded up a bunch of studies to back up ways that we’re better than men. Including things like we survive more car accidents. I don’t exactly think that should be a point of pride for our gender. Also that we live longer. Ha in your face dudes, we don’t die before you as much! I’m just like UGH COSMO STOP.

I’m so sick of these battle of the sexes arguments. In a world where women are trying to achieve equality, we’re doing a really terrible job at it with articles like this. Why does it always come down to who’s better at what? Why can’t we just be the best we can at stuff?

This constant competition isn’t doing anyone a favor. There will always be someone (man or woman) who can do something better than you. It would be nice to see powerful women’s magazines take a stance and focus on being the best you that you can be instead of perpetuating this “beat the guys” mentality.

What do you think about the battle of the sexes? Do you think it’s doing more harm than good? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Lolly

    Suggestion for this site: start giving blunter answers to all the “Do guys like/do/lie about x?” questions you get from your readers. Try and drive it into their heads that you can’t know someone’s behavior based solely on their gender or sex. Encourage them, loudly, to see people as individuals, and not one side or other of this stupid purported gender war.

  • jkjkjk

    So cosmo….I love you, I really do, But seriously! We’re pulling the GIRLS ARE BETTER THAN BOYS ROUTINE! I understand your point of view, and I know not all girls are bad at throwing or all guys are better at it. Though not all boys are terrible at learning or are less clean just because of they’re gender. We need to stop having this fight because at this rate we are only hindering ourselves instead of becoming the equals we have always wanted to be. So please remember the battle is not to be better than men, or even exactly equal in every way, but to have equal opportunities to be the best PEOPLE we can be.