What Is HERadventure?

What is HERadventure? Probably the most feminist video game ever. | Source: InsideSpelman

What is HERadventure? Probably the most feminist video game ever. | Source: InsideSpelman

Two groups that video game developers tend to under represent when they’re creating main characters? Minorities and females. Now, a brand new game, HERadventure, has a black female hero and a legitimate cause that she’s fighting for. You know in 30 Rock when Liz Lemon is all, “High fivin’ a million angels”? We’re doing that right now.

What is HERadventure? It’s a video game that focuses on climate change and how to combat it, which is awesome in itself. HER, a superhero warrior alien woman (phew!) from Earth’s sister planet comes to Earth to figure out why it’s making her home planet freeze and die. Yikes! HER finds out that the auras of Earth’s women are shrinking–that’s how they gauge how well you’re doing in the game. That makes Earth and the rest of the whole universe a mess. As a “superhero in training,” each HERadventure player has to deal with issues like crummy self-esteem, discrimination, eating disorders, poor body image, depression–all crappy things we deal with every day that weaken auras. HERadventure also incorporates Twitter and Facebook, so you can spread the message while you level up and save the world.

Basically, HERadventure is like Captain Planet mixed in with Wonder Woman, scifi and every awesome feminist ever.

HERadventure spawned when three Spelman College seniors researched female superheroes. They learned that female superheroes are rare, but black female superheroes were really rare. That bummed them out, so they did something about it–something that’s going to empower the rest of us while they’re at it. Pretty rad, right?

HERadventure will premiere on March 8–International Women’s Day. We’re getting our thumbs ready.

Do you think we need more female superheroes? Will you play HERadventure? What other issues do you think HERadventure should tackle? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Confused

    How in the world can they make a game out of this? What genre like a RTS or something? Also what about the rest of human history when women were literally nothing but property. Why didn’t the universe just implode on itself from the social issues?

  • Cheyanne

    What systems will this be avaliable on? Will I be able to play it on my computer? This sounds amazing, but I need to know these things!

    • Simone

      omg same i am soooo excited!!!