Here’s Why I Think Taylor Swift Is Secretly A Mean Girl

Taylor Swift Golden Globes 2013

Taylor’s not-too-happy reaction to Adele winning, caught on camera.

I know there are a lot of Taylor Swift fans here, but… hear me out. Because I need to take a few minutes to rant about everyone’s favorite pop singer.

Despite the fact that I can’t seem to help singing along to her music when it comes on the radio, I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I know everyone is always going on and on about how Taylor seems so nice and innocent and down-to-earth, but I’m not buying it. Sure, she smiles pretty for the camera, wears girly, sparkly dresses, loves to bake cupcakes and has an adorable kitten. And yeah, she always has that “OMG, you like me? You really like me?!” thing going on and she’s always talking about how she wants to find true love, and that makes her seem sooo sweet. But there’s something about her that makes me think she’s secretly not as nice and innocent as we all seem to believe.

Case in point: last night at the Golden Globes when, in my opinion, Taylor totally showed off a little tiny bit of her mean side. Did you guys watch it? Taylor lost the award for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture to Adele. Now, I’m not saying Taylor isn’t talented, but let’s face it: Adele totally deserved this award. She’s an incredible singer and “Skyfall” is a great song.

I’m going to assume that Taylor thought she had that award in the bag (since she always seems to win everything else she’s nominated for), because her reaction was seriously priceless. After the winner was announced, the camera panned over to Taylor, who wasn’t clapping and smiling and putting on a happy face… nah, she was just sitting there giving Adele some major stink-eye. I mean, it was completely obvious. Twitter blew up, GIFs were hastily put together, memes were created. And I cheered, because Tay-Tay’s secret mean side was finally starting to show.

I’m not trying to sound like a total brat, but I mean, come on! Taylor’s angry side eye could not be ignored. She couldn’t even have pretended to be happy for Adele? I know she’s used to winning every award ever for her overrated music but I think she needs a few lessons on how to be a good loser.

And, just wondering, where was she when Tina Fey made that little joke about her? For those of you that missed it, check it out below, because it was pretty amazing. Tina joked that Taylor shouldn’t go after Michael J. Fox’s son, and then said that “she needs some me time, to learn about herself.” Watch for yourself, around the 40 second mark:

I’m pretty sure everyone watching was collectively waiting for the cameras to pan to Taylor’s reaction to this joke… but they never did. I’m going to go ahead and assume that her reaction was that she wasn’t amused, or that for some reason, she was no longer in the audience. I’m hoping the second reason is what was going on, because if not? Not cool.

It’s a given that celebs are going to get teased during awards shows, and many of them handled their jabs with dignity – take Anne Hathaway, for example, who laughed at every joke made at her expense. If Taylor was acting all sullen over the joke (which, let’s face it, is TRUE), then she seriously needs to get over herself. Let’s be honest, Tina Fey was basically speaking the truth and telling Taylor what no else ever seems to say to her. There’s nothing wrong with dating tons of hot guys (more power to ya!), but there’s also nothing wrong with being single. I don’t think Taylor has gotten that message yet.

What do you think? Was Tina’s joke too mean? Do you feel like Taylor was being a sore loser? Are you a little sick of T Swift? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Sanna

    Personally, I didn’t see anything that was too bad about this music video! I am black and yes there were people of color shaking their butts in the video and people saying it ‘racist’ ot whatever because Taylor is their while they are doing it. Just idk…

  • Foreverawesome

    If she did go out with Michael J. Fox’s son I would be super angry. He is my favorite actor and I couldn’t stand it if she ruined the Fox’s name by writing a break up song about him. Michael J. Fox Forever!!!!!

  • Nas

    If I lost an award to my rival I’d be
    pretty upset too.

    • Ana

      Yes, but who said Adele was her rival? Rival means the same as enemy, and here, Adele was Taylor’s competitor, not rival. Honestly, Taylor needs to GROW. THE. EFF. UP.

  • Sierra

    I’m neither a fan or hater of Taylor…but this article is just…so rude. You’re talking about another human being here. You spent time to write a giant piece of hatred pointing out another girl’s faults and bad sides, not even gracing over her good ones? Yes, Taylor needs to learn some things. She’s young, she’ll make mistakes, she’ll learn. But…because she is a celebrity–does that mean you have an excuse to run her to the ground for it? Everyone makes mistakes…some more than others…Taylor will be wiser with time, i’m sure. Of course, you can have your opinions on her- hate her, love her, whatever! But I don’t agree writing a nasty piece of how much you hate said person. Its cruel, wrong. She’s still a human being, celebrity or not.

    I don’t particularly listen to Taylor. However, her upset frown is just given. She worked for something and was disappointed. That’s life. Sure, it wasn’t polite to not clap but she could’ve done much worse. Hell, when I didn’t get a part in theater I auditioned for, I was upset. I frowned when it was announced and I wasn’t the one. I had worked hard for something and it didn’t pay off. I don’t hate the person who got the part, I was simply disappointed.

    All things aside, i’m not trying to rid you of your opinion. I’m just giving my 2 cents and disapproval…hope this didn’t offend anybody.

    • Ana

      The thing is, this is Hollywood. It’s the real world, and in this world, no matter how hard you work for something, you’re gonna lose sometimes. And you need to accept it graciously, for the camera at least, if not out of good conscience.

  • No name

    Okay for real you people need to get over yourself. I mean I don’t hate on JB even though I personally dislike his music and his life in general. Like, please. Grow up. I’m sure she was disappointed she didn’t win not to mention she gets hated on everywhere she goes so like c’mon. Saying mean things about her makes YOU the immature one.

    • Ana

      This is not hating on Taylor Swift, it is pointing out that her behavior was less than mature. Everyone knows you can’t always get what you want.

  • Danielle

    Just stop writing about Taylor Swift no one cares what you think.

    • Ana

      That’s rude. How would YOU like it if someone said something along the lines of this to you: “And nobody cares what YOU think.” Or “nobody likes someone who says that”

  • Popcorn

    Finally someone sees her the way I do! She always struck me as fake, manipulative and calculating.

    • nobody cares

      quit hating on taylor what she do to u

      • Ana

        It’s not hating, it’s just disliking her behavior. Celebrities have become role models for people and Taylor Swift is one of them, and she knows it. So she probably should have thought this wasn’t the kind of behavior she should display at all, especially for the sake of those who look up to her.

  • Peggy15908

    I absolutely detest her. Swift has NO singing talent whatsoever! I have no idea why she is even famous. I agree with Music Critic. Taylor can’t sing AT ALL!

  • Music Critic

    What bothers me is that Taylor is called ‘inspirational’ and ‘sweet’ all the time, when really, she is nothing of the sort. Her songs are, more often than not, obnoxious, whiny, and somewhat depressing. How could she possibly be inspirational? She does nothing but sit and whine about how mean everybody is to her, instead of getting up and finding something to do. I honestly can’t imagine why people call her a talented singer.

    • No name

      She is a talented singer. not to mention she is way better then JB and Miley Cyrus. I mean c’mon. I don’t even know why people call that music.

      • Ana

        At least JB and Miley Cyrus aren’t constantly singing about their exes. I mean, even JB refrained from writing a mean song about Selena when they broke up. Miley did write a song about Liam Hemsworth, but that’s just one. Every single Taylor Swift song I have heard was about some ex, and a lot of them put the blame on the guy, but not all of the songs do. At least JB and Miley Cyrus show that they have better things to sing about than every failed relationship.

  • SarahH

    I think people are being too hard on her for this. To me, she didn’t at all look mean or like she didn’t feel Adele deserved it. She might have been a little disappointed, which (let’s face it) is ok when you lose a Golden Globe, but just the fact that she didn’t laugh, doesn’t say anything. Adele wasn’t even making a joke, she was trying to make it sound like the Golden Globes were just another night on the town. Not at all funny, didn’t warrent a laugh.

  • Athena2728

    Adele totally deserved to win that award-her voice is incredible! 😀
    Taylor Swift’s voice is great too, but, Adele’s Skyfall song is fantastic!
    To me, Taylor didn’t even look as much of a sore loser as this article made her out to be. She even smiled a little at Adele at least! It’s not like she was glaring at Adele menacingly, or running up there and grabbing the award from Adele and shoving her out of her way. Or shouting. Or bawling her eyes out. Or swearing. Or complaining loudly to the people sitting near her, “I should’ve won, not HER!” Taylor Swift didn’t do ANY of those things. (from what I watched on that clip on this website of the awards night anyway). She didn’t even pout.
    Disappointment is disappointment. I don’t care WHO YOU ARE-famous or not-everyone is very aware with that emotion at least one time in their lives. It’s ok to show disappointment-but don’t go overboard with it. Taylor was not being extreme in her behavior/reaction and that’s alright. (I don’t think her behavior was mean or uncalled for).
    That was quite surprising for Tina Fey to tease Taylor Swift like she did. Putting her on the spot like that. But then again,Taylor Swift’s songs are about guys.

    • No name

      Although I personally like TS more then Adele, (I do listen to her music though at night to sort of relax me), I love love LOVE what you said!