From The Message Boards: Does Watching Lesbian Porn Make Me Gay?

Growing up and figuring out your sexuality can be really confusing. There are so many questions, and you’ll learn that you have certain sexual preferences that might be different from someone else’s. And that’s perfectly normal, explore away!

I spotted a question on the boards that really caught my eye: does watching lesbian porn make me gay? This topic jumped out at me, and I think a lot of you are probably wondering the same thing but didn’t want to ask.

Some of you might feel weird about watching porn in general, but there’s no need. People watch porn, that’s what it’s there for. The same rules apply to porn as they do for sex: figure out what you like. I’d like to hear your thoughts so read what these girls had to say and let me know what you think!

mandakim said:

Nope, it doesn’t make you gay.

If you check out some of the other posts about what turns girls on, you’ll see that totally straight girls are turned on by girls together (or girls solo).

Annah said:

I don’t know…I like lesbian porn and I’m bi.

There’s nothing wrong being bi or gay…just remember that.

pinkheart said:

No,  A lot of us like the same kinds of videos.  And we have a wider appetite for sexual things than guys do, so liking lesbian videos and getting turned on by them doesn’t make you gay.

What do I think? I think you can be into whatever you want whether you’re straight, gay, bi, purple or an alien. Just because you watch lesbian porn doesn’t mean you’re gay, it’s just what makes you comfortable in the porn space.

Lesbian porn can be a little more gentle and female friendly, so maybe that’s what is appealing for you. And if you’re watching lesbian porn and thinking you might be into girls, that’s cool too. Like our friend Annah said, there’s nothing wrong with being bi or gay. She’s totally right. You do you, girl!

What do you think: does watching lesbian porn mean you’re gay? Are you straight, but watch lesbian porn? Are you gay, but watch straight porn? Talk about it in the comments.

Is it possible to love two people at once?

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  • Dell

    I’m straight and watch lesbian porn. Nothing wrong with that

  • Jo

    I have been watching lesbian porn for a while now, and I was wondering this exact topic. Good to know I am not the only one! 🙂

  • LoveCutieAly

    LOL i i.m gay but i.m single 🙁

    • baaabe

      I’m bi, and I’m single.. hmu?

  • amber

    i watch it and still have sex and my life ambition is anal