10 Things You Should Never Discuss With a Guy

One of the best bits of advice I ever received was “Don’t mistake rudeness for intimacy.” AKA, peeing with the door open doesn’t mean you and your BF are bonding. In our TMI culture, it’s uber easy to overshare, but I’ve learned the hard way that when it comes to your dating life, you’re better off zipping the lip on certain subjects…

What do you think about keeping some things mum in front of dudes? Have you blabbed about any of the above?Tell me in the comments!


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  • Nikki

    I tell people about my dreams all the time! i made the mistake off telling a guy i liked that in my dream he was a ballerina 🙁

  • Dayala

    Stereotypical woman at her best! Boys don’t wanna hear about your dreams silly girl. You’re period? They aren’t mature to know that yet. He’s only 13 for goodness sake. I could continue because this article is craziness.

    • Kate

      i agree, they’re equally daginamg but a guy having sex with a female other then his girl, on the side is worse. cheating is cheating babe, no doubt. it doesn’t make the situation any better, even IF you’re still giving your girl 110%. sharing you sex with someone other than your partner defeats the entire purpose of a relationship.love this post!

  • anai

    “any man who feels the need to be grossed out by my vagina the one week each month that it bleeds, doesn’t deserve the chance to fuck it the other three weeks.”

    LOL , Isis , best quote ever!

  • Isis

    Well, that was the most idiotic advice I’ve ever read. So, you are supposed to have some intimacy with a boyfriend, but tell him nothing about the stuff that goes on with your body (ie rashes, food poisoning, dreams, PMS)? What do you propose that we all do, put on the perfect, no-shitting, no burping, no period Barbie facade? Get real!

    And another thing: any man who feels the need to be grossed out by my vagina the one week each month that it bleeds, doesn’t deserve the chance to fuck it the other three weeks.

  • Lexie

    I totally talk to my boyfriend about weird rashes I get, the goings on of my uterus, and my dreams and he is not in the least put off by it. Some of those things I for sure agree with, but I don’t think people should be shamed for talking about what’s going on with their body and health.

  • viona

    I’ve never talked about those things with any guy that I have dated and I’m single now. The really funny part is that they left me to date girls that talked about those things and more…

  • Emilia

    Sorry, but I’ll have to disagree about the menstruation one: if I’m having terrible cramps, I’m going to tell my boyfriend. If he’s too immature to be sympathetic to the pain because of what’s causing the pain, then he’s certainly not mature enough to be dating girls! Honestly–menstruation has become a social taboo and has led people (women included) that menstruation makes people “dirty” and that people should feel nervous and awkward when buying pads, tampons, etc. It’s ridiculous. And I hoped that a pro-feminist blog wouldn’t encourage that idea. If we want people to accept that menstruation is a normal part of life and shouldn’t be treated how it is, then we have to stop making it a taboo.

    • karen

      Totally agreed. I don’t tell my bf about every single detail about my period but he’s aware when i have it, if cramps are killing me (most the time) and if i have started my contraceptive cycle. He is open about it and so am I. His mom even bought him a moon callendar.

      I don’t go out on the streets telling everybody, yet when you are comfortable with your bf you can talk about it, since it is no big deal. I try not to creep him out with details about my favorite tampons or so, but i don’t make it a taboo either.

  • Melanie

    I see nothing wrong with sharing your dreams with your boyfriend. Personally my dreams are awesome and my boyfriend always loves hearing the strange stories my brain comes up with during the night.