Can You Spread A Wart On Your Finger To Your Vagina?

Can that wart get down there? Learn the facts! | Source: ShutterStock

Can that wart get down there? Learn the facts! | Source: ShutterStock

If you have warts on your finger can you pass them to your vagina?

ChickRx expert Bob Smithing, Family Nurse Practitioner, says:

First, let’s discuss what warts are. Warts are skin growths. They can vary in color–from gray to brown to pink–and size–anywhere from a small pebble size to an eraser.

Warts are caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. Yep, that HPV. Here’s the thing though, the HPV viruses that cause warts on your fingers are different strains than the HPV viruses that cause warts on your genitals.

So, it would be very unlikely that you could transfer a wart from your foot or finger to your vagina.

But, that doesn’t mean that warts on your finger aren’t contagious. The virus from one wart can go to other spots on your body or even to another person’s body. You can infect yourself again by touching the wart and then touching another part of your body. And if you share razors, towels or other personal items with a friend, you can transfer warts between the two of you.

And of course you know how genital warts are spread–through sex. Be safe when you have sex.

Both genital and common warts can be treated with medication. If you think you have either, check in with a doctor for treatment.

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  • mpoi

    I’m a pregnant woman

  • Mary

    Can a wart on your finger being treated with medication be spread to your vagina via and ingrown hair?

  • Emily

    Thanks. This. Was. Very. Helpful. But. I have. A pimple. In. My leg. Close. To. My. Vagina. And. I Know. What. To. Do.? Last. Year. I had. The. Same. Thing. But. The. Pimple. Was. In. My. Vagina. Now. I’d. In. The. Side. Of. The vagina

  • alyssa

    But what if I just had sex a couple days before

  • Richard

    I know this guy that has herpes and he never has a prolbem finding some hot girl in any bar he walks into. He never tells them he has herpes. In a way I blame him and in a way I don’t blame him because if I were in that same situation it would be tough. I mean I wouldn’t want somebody giving me herpes when they knew they were going to give it to me and weren’t considerate enough to tell me so I could decide. I am sure my friend is thinking that nobody told him before he got it. There is a high probability that a person will dump you rather than get herpes and then he will tell everyone you have it (how embarrassing for everybody to know that). I don’t know what to tell you on this one. Look at other animals though (not humans). Do you think that they care about herpes or any sexual diseases that may be in their animal species before they get it on? I don’t think so. There is a very negative stigma about STD’s in our human culture which is purely psychological. There is nothing wrong with having herpes I suppose. It is just a blister that appears every few months just like a flu or common cold. Imagine if there were certain people that never got the flu then humans would form a negative stigma about people that caught the flu and then the flu would cause similar stigma to the stigma that herpes causes.Did the person that gave you herpes tell you that he had herpes before he gave it to you? Let me aks you something. Why should you tell him? It is not you who is not fair .life is not fair. Since you are so concerned about it though then you better either break up with him until you develop into a more heartless person or just tell him so he can leave you now and then after you have a few more guys leave you after telling them you will give up on thinking about telling them.If you are really good in bed I don’t think that it will matter much whether you have herpes or not.