It Gets Worse: Steubenville Rape Pictures + Details Emerge

New Steubenville rape pictures and details have emerged--and they're so scary. | <a href="">Source: Shutterstock</a>

New Steubenville rape pictures and details have emerged–and they’re so scary. | Source: Shutterstock

As if the Ohio football team rape case couldn’t get any more horrifying, there’s more: Steubenville rape pictures were taken at the time, and they’ve made their way online.

You may remember last week when the Anonymous hackers group posted a video of some sadistic guys bragging about the brutal gang rape of an unconscious 16-year-old girl. The whole thing is sick, twisted, and super disturbing. But the only silver lining here is that these idiots who were so proud of the atrocity that they committed were also stupid enough to document it–and it’s what wound up getting some of them caught. (Like the Justin Bieber pot pics, only, you know, super harmful.)

Now, cell phone photos indicate that there may be two more victims of the Steubenville rape epidemic.

A football teammate of Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays–the guys being charged with the rape of the first victim–had photos of two other girls on his phone in various states of consciousness and undress. They’re lying face down on the same carpet that the photos of the first victim showed. Uh, what is wrong with these people?

The only reason the pigs that recorded this aren’t being charged with it is because some of them were smart enough to erase the photos before cops confiscated their phones for the investigation.

More details about the rape that got everyone talking are emerging, too, and they’re horrifying. Seriously, read on at your own risk:

Apparently, following a football win, the guys were eating at a friend’s house together when they started texting people to come party. The rape victim was one of them, and she was supposedly friends with some of the guys–a few of whom were said to have dated her, so you’d think they’d have more consideration or respect for her, her safety, her well-being, her humanity. Nope.

There were multiple parties that night, and in testimony, people said they saw her drinking from a cup at the first party–and that’s it. When she got to the second party, she wasn’t coherent and needed help walking. Who helped her? Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, who were the same guys who allegedly raped her. Chances are she was so out of it that their help standing made her feel safe enough around them to let her guard down–that’s if she was even coherent enough to make that kind of a decision.

The victim threw up in the street, then left that party with Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond–who assaulted her in the car ride on the way to the next party. By this time, a witness who recorded the incident–and then deleted it–said she was talking, but no one could understand what she was saying. At the third party, she was completely silent. At one point, two of the guys held her by the wrists and ankles and led her into the basement. Once in the basement, she threw up again, then sat on the floor and fell to her side.

Shortly after that, a witness came into the basement and said she was on her stomach naked on the floor.

Ma’lik raped her while Trent tried shaking her shoulders to wake her up, and she was totally unresponsive.

Someone sent a photo of the girl to her mom’s phone–and then her parents took her to the hospital and to the police. Okay, can you just imagine for a second what that had to have been like? For her? For her mom?

No one’s sure what was in the cup at the first party, and too much time passed between the assault and when she reported it to run a toxicology test to see if she’d been drugged–though it sure sounds like she was, because it’s very, very hard to get blackout drunk and sick from one beverage unless it’s laced with someone a lot more sinister. What’s more, the victim showered–which got rid of physical and DNA evidence.

This is not the victim’s fault. She didn’t even know what happened to her. She had no recollection of anything after the first party. Chances are, she’s learning the details as quickly as the police and courts are. And even if she did remember and chose to shower and not report it? That doesn’t mean the rape is her fault. Ever.

The only people at fault for the Steubenville rape are the Steubenville rapists–and the disgusting excuses for human beings who recorded the incident instead of intervening and helping the victim. The very least they could have done was retain the evidence, accept responsibility and help bring these other monsters to justice. Our thoughts are with the victims, and may these atrocities be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They’ve earned it.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for the Steubenville rapists? How do you think more rapes like the Steubenville gang rape can be prevented? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Anna

    they should be burned and killed!!

  • tatiana

    they should be raped and then put through excruciating pain while incarcerated for the rest their life. no girl should have to be put through that physical and mental abuse.

  • SES

    I’m going to occupy stebenville in early February, I live in Ohio, only a couple hours away and all of this disgusts me!

  • cestin_forever

    this is so sad and disgusting. im sorry but some footballs ar emessed up. thats why i never date a football well not never but i dont go for football players.