Does Smoking Weed Lead To Smoking Cigarettes?

If you smoke marijuana, does that mean that you’re eventually going to start smoking cigarettes? According to one recent study, um, sort of. Apparently, prolonged exposure to THC, which is the main ingredient in marijuana, can make you more vulnerable to the addictive aspects of nicotine, which is found in cigarettes. Basically, new research says that smoking pot can lead to smoking cigarettes down the road, especially for teens.

This sounds a little weird to me. I mean, smoking cigarettes and smoking weed are two entirely different things. How can one lead to another? I was really skeptical about this and hesitant to believe it, but apparently the science is there to back it up. The lead scientist of the study says that in the majority of cases, people start smoking marijuana before they start smoking cigarettes. He adds that teens who smoke weed are even more likely to develop an addiction to cigarettes when they’re older because the longer you smoke marijuana, the greater your risk is for being addicted to tobacco.

To sum things up quickly, a lot of THC in your system makes you more likely to be addicted to tobacco. So if you’ve been smoking pot for a few years, and one day you decide to pick up a cigarette and try it out, you’re more likely to become addicted than someone who has never smoked pot in their life.

Sounds scary, right? Yeah, sort of. Who knew that marijuana could be a gateway drug for cigarettes? As researchers pointed out, cigarettes are usually the ones being called a gateway drug for other drugs… like weed. But I guess that all we knew is wrong. Sigh.

This doesn’t mean that just because you smoke pot you’re going to smoke cigarettes at some point in your life. But if you do smoke marijuana, this is a pretty big warning sign to never consider trying a cigarette. Not only are cigarettes really, really bad for you, but you’re also now even more at risk for getting hooked on nicotine. And as any former smoker can tell you (you can talk to my grandpa about it if you want), nicotine addictions are not fun.

What do you think about this study? Do you smoke cigarettes? Would you ever try? Does this make sense to you? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Jessica

    Things like this come out every so often as propaganda against a medicinal plant that can help cancer patients, and people who suffer from hundreds of other life threatening and quality of life threatening diseases which can have people in constant pain. So to sum up my comment before posting something like this someone might want to check into the facts and check studies from the other side or create a more non biased opinion/article 😀

  • Jessica

    Smoking pot wont lead to smoking cigarettes. While smoking pot could potentially increase the addictive properties it is not a gate way drug. You don’t start smoking because you smoke weed. A gateway drug is a drug that leads you to seek a further thrill or deeper high. Furthermore the study is a scare tactic. There are hundreds of researches that show false results that put smoking weed into a negative light.

  • KT

    No way. Cigarettes are absolutely disgusting. They make you smell bad, your room smell bad, your clothes smell bad, your teeth smell bad and look gross and it’s just overall foul. And I hardly ever smoke joints either. Most of the time I eat hash cookies because there isn’t an odor or I take a hit from a bong if I’m at a friends’ house. Cigarettes are absolutely disgusting and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I started smoking them.