These High End Products Have Drugstore Brand Twins

I love makeup, but I hate the prices! I’ve spent years as a beauty guru, and my wallet has certainly suffered. Mainly because I like high end brands because the products are better. I’d rather pay a little more for better quality.

But I’ll tell you a little secret: some drugstore make up products are essentially the same as high end ones! I know, it’s a ripoff. Criminal even!

Lucky for you, I have a breakdown of high end products and their budget-friendly twins.

What are your favorite drug store brand products? Do you know of any dupes? Tell me in the comments!

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  • ZoZo

    Oh my god! This is so awesome! I’m glad you posted this; I’ve been looking for some good dupes. I usually use the UrbanDecay 24/7 eyeliner, but it smudges so easily sometimes, especially since I’m an eye rubber. Plus, it’s hard to control if you don’t have a steady hand. I’m so happy I saw this; Ulta here I come!