GIF My Life: Desperately Wishing And Hoping For A Snow Day

Ah, snow days – those amazing days when the good fortune of freezing weather means an unexpected day free of classes. It’s just like a mini-vacation and totally makes you believe that yes, dreams come true!

Sometimes though, if you get wind of a snow day, it can be an agonizing wait full of rituals and wishing to try to get fate to swing your way and reward you with a day off. Sometimes it works… and sometimes, well you’re just back to your regularly scheduled school day. So how will things work out for the GIF girl? Only one way to find out! Let us begin:

Packing up my locker, someone’s conversation catches my ear with just one little phrase: “snow day.” I immediately perk my ears and start listening in.

Turns out we’re in for a snowstorm this evening. On my drive home, it’s barely snowing at all, but that doesn’t stop me from already beginning my planning for this rumored snow day.

Possibility #1: I could go outside and play in the snow! Throw some snowballs, maybe go sledding! I literally will spend that entire snow day outside!

Okay, maybe I won’t spend the WHOLE day outside. Possibility #2: I could totally make warm, gooey, amazing delicious chocolate chip cookies and drink tea all day! This will be a dream.

At home, I’m too excited about this possible snow day. I seriously can’t focus on this math homework. Wait… but if there won’t be school, then why don’t I just not do this homework at all?!

Wait… but if I don’t do my homework, we will probably have school. If I stay on karma’s good side and DO my homework, then the chances of us probably not having school are even better. And if we DO, all my work will be done already! Genius.

Once my homework is done, I watch the news with great excitement. Watching that snowstorm move from behind the weatherman’s head and closer toward our region is more thrilling than any movie I have seen in months. I can’t look away!

As my siblings and I discuss potential snow day plans, OF COURSE my parents decide it is necessary to mention that that a snow day is not official yet. We acknowledge them and then quickly go back to planning.

Before you go to sleep, you glance at the window to see how the weather is progressing. Yes, snow, yes. Keep falling. MWAHAHAHA.

I wake up at early and flip on the radio to hear the sweet list of school closings. It’s like the best music ever. The DJs are getting ready to read the list, and they preface it by saying its pretty long today. Verrrryyy promising!!

They do the first read though, but I don’t hear my school called. I must have just missed it. When they reread the list fifteen minutes later, it still isn’t there.

Okay, I’ll have to leave for school in the next five minutes. I’ll give them ONE more chance to read us in the school closings. Heck, I’ll settle for a two hour delay. Even a ONE hour delay!

They don’t say it. And like that, my snow day dreams are dashed.

I can now hear my mom screaming at me to turn off the radio because I’m going to be late. Reality is officially settling in and there’s no turning back. I will be going to school today.

Since I haven’t warmed up the car or scraped the ice off the windows or shoveled the driveway, all I know is I am going to be late and this is going to be a very, very long day. Basically, just the complete opposite of an awesome snow day. Sweet.

About how many snow days do you usually have each winter? What are your favorite things to do on snow days? Tell us in the comments. 

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  • Sylvia

    I love Snow on the ground because it is a good to play in the snow