10 Reasons I’m Glad My Ex Is Happy

Seeing him with someone else isn't so bad Source Shutterstock

Seeing him with someone else isn’t so bad Source Shutterstock

I dated this guy for about three years in college, and we had a pretty nasty breakup. We both moved on but didn’t speak for a very long time.

Well I heard from him recently. He said he still thought about me all the time, but he’s been channeling everything that went wrong into making his new relationship work. I felt like he was checking in to see if I was miserable because he was finally happy with someone else.

I didn’t want the conversation to carry on. So when he was going on about his newfound love, I said I was glad that he was happy and I truly hoped things work out for them. I meant it, but he seemed surprised.

It can be really difficult to say you’re happy for your ex, but here are ten reasons why I really am.

There are some exes that I don’t like to hear from ever, but it’s really nice to have those that still care about how you are. I’m not going to go hang out with this one in my spare time or anything. It’s comforting to know that we don’t hate each other like we did right after our breakup.

It takes a while to get to the point where you can be happy about your ex being with someone else. Or just being in general.  Most of the time it has to do with you being happy with yourself.

Is your ex dating someone new? How do you feel about it? Are there any exes that you’re truly happy for? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Jennifer

    I met my ex-boyfriend through a close friend. I didn’t like him at first but he grew on me reading all the books I read, secretly asking my close friend what I listened to a daily and even though I was mean to him at times he would stay by my side. When we were dating, his best friend who is a girl knew each other since elementary school would give me a cold shoulder whenever I saw her. I heard from my close friend and my ex that they used to date and how he would chase after her before. At first I ignored it because I loved him. After a long distance relationship we didn’t feel a spark anymore and we were stilling hooking up. I realized that he was talking to his girl best friend and told him up front that we shouldn’t do it if you’re serious about your girl best friend. He told me that they would never date. Long and behold several months later, they started dating and are now going strong from what I hear and social networking. I’m glad in a way that they’re happy but sometimes I just want to punch him of how he treated before we stopped talking. Sometimes I wish we were friends but I know that won’t happen. Since I know he won’t read this, Good Luck Tony and Jenny on your future:)

  • Anon

    Thanks for the article. I took the break up of my relationship really badly. It was long distance for one and to frustrate matters more I started going through a kind of renaissance over the last year- going back to education, redirecting my life, taking responsibility for my past mistakes in work and life and basically starting all over again. While he tried to support me and I too supported him as best I could(he has a medical condition called cystic fibrosis), we did not make it.
    I was gutted because we spoke about being together forever and all that.
    The breakup went back and forth and eventually he said that I needed to move on- strange thing to say because we had both been hanging on but then he said he just met someone randomly and that they were in love. He had been telling me that we should just give it time and that when I finished my education etc., and he got his business further successful that we could be together again. He also stressed that he had little to offer anyone. Then back to today and he is very happy with his new love to quote him.
    Why do men do this?
    Anyway your article rang true because he was unsuited to me in many ways. He is a lot colder than I am and he is far more conservative and less cultured.
    I guess I still love him but like you, I am glad he is happy I guess.

  • krissty

    Well,probably ..I would feel happy for him mean while hard to accept..but can’t force a person to love someone they don’t love,ofcourse I would the hurt but it’s the only way to make things right, coz you know sometimes love isn’t fair..but there would be purpose in every situation you may take..but it’s ok.for me coz I know their could be someone better that is prepared for me.