Even Olympian Missy Franklin Gets Nervous Before Her High School Sports Meets


Even with a gold medal, she still gets nervous! | Source: WENN.com

There are few things in the world that get me more inspired than the Olympics. Seeing people accomplish things that can seem impossible just gets me so hyped up to push my own limits. During these past Olympics, there was some serious girl power going on in London!

One of my favorite new Olympic faces this year was teen swimmer Missy Franklin. Not only was she crazy talented, but she just always seemed so excited to be at the Olympics (and I mean, can you blame her?!). Missy actually still swims for her high school swim team (see, totally relatable, right?) and Today reported this morning that she apparently confessed to feeling nervous before their first meet this season.

So, despite being literally one of the best in the world at her sports and having had millions of people across the world watch her this summer, she still got some butterflies before going out there and doing her thing. Honestly, I think it’s a really refreshing thing to hear from someone who has had such public accomplishments. We all just want to succeed at what makes us happy, whether that’s on prime time TV or in our high school gyms. No matter the environment, we just want to feel good about our performance.

Even if you’ve done something a hundred, a thousand, maybe even a million times, nerves are bound to happen. However, by letting nerves stand in your way, you may never know your awesome potential. Every time you put yourself out there is a totally new experience where you feel like anything can happen, but if you remind yourself that you have the talent and work ethic (just like Missy!) to succeed, I know you’ll all do great.

If you’re feeling nervous gearing up for your basketball game or piano recital, just remember that even those girls who might make it seem so easy to put themselves out there have felt nerves just like you. Whether it’s talking to someone about it or taking a few seconds to just close your eyes and take a deep breath, try to find a way that helps you deal with your nervous feelings if they pop up. Then, just go out there and show everyone how much you rock (we’re rooting for you!).

How do you deal with feeling nervous? Does it make you feel better to know that even famous people deal with nerves? Are you already looking forward to watching Missy Franklin compete in future Olympics? Tell us in the comments!

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