Wait, Why Are Sweatpants Always Considered A Bad Thing?

Mila Kunis sweatpants

I don’t see the problem here… | Source: WENN.com

I’m obsessed with sweatpants, preferably the yoga pants from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line. What’s not to love? They’re comfy, they’re warm, they’re cozy and while they don’t scream “FASHION”, I honestly think they can be pretty cute. So I feel personally offended by this post on the New York Daily News that totally puts down Mila Kunis for being photographed in sweats. The dek for the post literally says this: “Once ‘Sexiest Woman Alive,’ ‘Black Swan’ star now dresses like an ugly duckling.” 

I mean, seriously? Is that really necessary? Okay, so she’s been photographed wearing a lot of sweatpants lately. Um, who cares? How does this affect us? I get that she’s a celebrity and her appearance is always going to be judged, however unfairly that may be, but this article is just way too mean and nasty to ignore. Not only is it absolutely ridiculous to call someone who looks and acts like Mila Kunis an “ugly duckling”, but it’s totally not cool to rip on sweatpants.

Before we get into why sweatpants are amazing, let’s just talk about why Mila Kunis can rock sweats as often as she likes. The Daily News says, “Sexiest? More like schlubbiest woman alive” but I don’t agree. Let’s face it: whether she’s wearing dirty sweats or a $10,000 gown, Mila still looks hot. I don’t think she’s “seemingly eager to shed her Sexiest Woman Alive title”, as the Daily News says, and I don’t think she looks “dumpy” or “frumpy”, either.

Also, I don’t understand this: “She’s a Golden Globe-nominated actress for Black Swan, not a member of Justin Bieber’s entourage.” So, wait… being nominated for an award means you can’t dress like a bum on your off days or when you’re on your way to the gym? Whoa. Where have I been? Why didn’t I know this?

The article then goes into detail on the more respectable celebrity females who take the time to dress casually chic rather than “dressing like an unwashed teenage boy.” That’s when I stopped reading. Sorry.

Let’s get this straight: sweatpants are awesome and I don’t appreciate anyone telling me they’re not. I also don’t appreciate the NY Daily News trying to make girls feel bad about themselves for not looking like they just stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine every single day of their lives. I love fashion as much as anyone, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t rock a pair of sweats whenever she wants. Give me a break! 

How do you feel about sweatpants? Do you think this Daily News article is totally ridiculous? Do you think Mila should change up her wardrobe? Tell me in the comments.


Is Jennifer Lawrence kind of dissing herself here?

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  • nicole

    I agree. Great article. Things like that in the media sound unrealistic and ridiculous. Give her a break. She’s human like the rest of us. She’s gorgeous and has a cool personality with or without makeup/sweatpants. Geesh.

  • The Doctor

    Personally, I prefer suits to sweatpants. And bow ties. Bow ties are cool.

    • Maddi

      Do not forget fezzes, my friend! Never forget the fezzes 😀

    • Sierra

      “The Doctor”, I love you. That was amazing.
      And David Tennant as 10 was the best, by the way.

      • Indigo


    • Indigo

      Yes, bow ties are very cool, Doctor.

    • Hopeful Companion

      What are your thoughts on fezzes?

      • The Doctor

        Cool, definately cool.