Donating Your Old Jeans Could Make A Difference In Your Community!

Jeans are awesome. I mean, they are super comfy and they match everything. Now your old jeans can be awesome for a totally different reason, too! Here’s the deal: Teens For Jeans is a campaign to get you to donate your old jeans (that are still in good condition) and they’ll get distributed to local homeless shelters in your community.

So why jeans? There are 1.7 million teenagers are living in homeless shelters, and jeans are the top requested item these teens ask for from their shelters. This is the sixth year of Teens for Jeans and in the past five years, they’ve collected 2.5 million pairs of jeans. Amazing!

So instead of having those jeans that don’t fit anymore take up space in your dresser, why not donate them to this awesome cause? Starting on Jan. 14, Aéropostale and P.S. from Aéropostale stores will serve as the collection sites for your jeans (FYI, you are totally able to donate any brand of jeans though). The stores will be collecting donations until Feb. 10.

As if just doing a good deed wasn’t enough, for every pair you donate you get a 25% off coupon for a new pair of Aéropostale and P.S. from Aéropostale jeans. Seriously good karma! If you’re interested in taking this on as a bigger project, you can set up a drive at your school (there are some sweet prizes if your school collects the most jeans!) and there’s also the opportunity to win a $5,000 scholarship for yourself by getting the word out about homeless teens to your friends. For more details on all of this, you can visit

Also, if you have a sec, check out the video below that’s packed with some super cool celebrities who’ve been involved over the years. I give you the go-ahead to basically tell people you and these celebs are BFFs if you participate.

Do you love jeans? Have you ever donated to Teens For Jeans before? Have you ever donated clothes before to any organization? Have you ever led a community service project at your school? What was it? Tell us in the comments. 

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