10 Quotes To Help You Love Your Body

We all have those days where we look in the mirror and wish we could change what we saw. But you know what? We shouldn’t. Every girl should love their body, regardless of their weight, height, hair color, whatever. Unfortunately, it’s usually easier said than done. Accepting your flaws and loving yourself can be kind of tough for some of us.

That’s exactly why we found a few quotes that will help you love your body. We’re all about positive body image here at Gurl, and so are these awesome quotes. Read them if you’re feeling totally down in the dumps about your looks or you just need a healthy boost of confidence. These positive words will definitely remind you of just how awesome you are.

Which of these quotes was your favorite? What did we miss? Do you think you could just more confidence, or do you love your body now? Tell us in the comments!


10 quotes that will help you get a fresh start

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  • Lisalee

    I like the quotes ^-^

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  • Kimmy

    Thanks these did help I like my body till I get to my legs I’m like 120 130 and like 5,4 5,5 do I’m pretty thin but my legs aren’t and I wish I could change them but your right u can’t really change that so I came to realise that