The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Doing Laundry

If we were to apply Murphy’s Law solely to laundry, it would probably be along the lines of: “If you want to wear it tonight, it is probably sitting in your dirty laundry.” Seriously, how many times has that exact thing happened to me? The answer is COUNTLESS.

I have (not-so) fond memories of waking up in college and realizing I literally had no clean clothes left. I then proceeded to treat our campus laundry facility like a giant “Risk” board and competed with crowds of fellow clean-laundry-deprived students to overtake as many washers as possible. (I believe my record is six at once).

Why not just simplify the whole annoying process? We’ve come up with some lazy girl tips to help you get that laundry situation under control. Well, kind of…

Do you know how to do your laundry or does someone else do it for you? What laundry how-to tips do you have? Do you enjoy doing laundry or do you consider it an awful chore? How often do you usually do your laundry? Tell us in the comments.

It sounds like some guys may need to be doing THEIR laundry more often!

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