What You’re REALLY Thinking When Your Crush Rejects You


Realizing that a guy doesn’t like you back is definitely maybe the worst feeling in the world. But even more terrible is having to pretend you aren’t completely crushed. And even more terrible-er? The fibs you come up with to keep up the act. Here’s what we know you’re thinking when you get negged by your crush.









The School Dance


She said: Ask Luke to Sadie Hawkins? Pfft nah I don’t want to be tied to one guy all night long, let’s just to a big girls group!











She meant: I already oh-so-casually brought the dance up to him and he mumbled something about a big guys group. FML.











Over Text


She said: Haha omg I was kidddinnngggg it was just an emoji!












She meant: Well. If he didn’t appreciate a kissyface emojicon over text I guess he won’t like one IRL. Excuse me while I bury my phone—and possibly myself—in the backyard so I’ll never text something so pathetic again.











When He Talks About Another Girl


She said: Oh yeah, Allie is, like, soooo cool. If you’re into, ya know, boobs and long blonde hair and all that…












She meant: I hate her with the fire of a thousand suns. I’ll think of a reason later.











When You Try to Flirt


She said: My eye? Yeah uh guess my contact is all wonky or something…












She meant: That was supposed to be a wink. Great. I probably look like I was having some sort of seizure. SEXY.











When You See Him on a Date With Someone Else


She said: OMG you guys I soooo don’t care. It was just a “no.” I’ve heard that word before. I’ll BRB, bathroom.











She meant: WHY GOD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME! I can actually feel my heart breaking in half. I’m going to lock myself in the stall for the next 20 minutes and weep. Then pretend I had an allergy attack.












When He Says You’re Like a Sister To Him


She said: Haha umm thanks bro…












She meant: I’m sure this is how Prince William described Kate when he first fell for her right, RIGHT?! 🙁









Ever been rejected by a crush? How did you handle it? With a little lie or two? Let us know in the comments.

True story: One of Gurl’s writers rejected Adam Levine!

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  • TheWeHateMenAssociation

    My crush is evil omfg he didnt even answer my human non flirty text and ugh

  • lizzy

    I asked a guy out today and he said no i just want to be friends

  • angie

    I once sent him a Valentine with my # on it. He tgen gave me the “im not ready for a relationship ” BS. I got super pissed and basically wrote him a 150 character rant. Then over the 3 day weekend I basically locked myself in my room, built a fort and started a rant journal. I than “apologized” and thought of silently killing hom with a needle and a paperclip.

    • Morgana5953

      That’s a little harsh…

  • Haley

    I told a guy i liked that i liked him because we were friends and he asked me who i liked and i yelled YOU STUPID NOW GO AWAY he awkwardly walked away then came back and i said i was kidding you were getting on my nerves i wanted you to go away. : /