Girls Cutting For Justin Bieber: Did This 4Chan Hoax Go Too Far?

girls cutting justin bieber 4chan twitter hoax cutting4bieber

A 4Chan Twitter hoax called #cutting4Bieber encouraged pics of girls cutting after Justin Bieber was caught smoking weed. | Source: WENN

Girls cutting is never funny, nor is cool, healthy or trendy. Girls cutting for Justin Bieber? Even worse. But that became a trending topic on Twitter this week after he was caught smoking weed . . . but it wasn’t real.

Troll group 4Chan devised a somewhat elaborate Twitter hoax, compiling disturbing images of girls cutting their wrists and posting with the hashtag “#cutting4Bieber.” WTF?! People mistook the hoax as a legit group of Beliebers taking to their inner arms to send Justin Bieber a message–even Miley Cyrus spoke out on the dangers of girls cutting and how this isn’t a matter to be taken lightly.

I’m not saying any topic is off limits jokewise–that’s dumb, and humor is subjective. But actively encouraging anyone else to self-harm, especially a group that can be as impressionable and group-minded as Beliebers can, is both irresponsible, sick, and sort of just . . . evil.

The 4Chan hoax began on the troll group’s message boards, where some sick puppy wrote, “Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because Bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.”

See the difference there? They’re actively doing something with the intent for to get girls cutting themselves. That’s their entire purpose for this. It’s much different from making a joke about something, you dig?

A lot of 4Chan users hopped onto the perverse bandwagon, comparing it to their “#bald4Bieber” campaign back in October 2012–that was another Twitter hoax that they hoped would encourage girls to shave their heads in solidarity with Justin Bieber, who they said had cancer (none of that was true, obviously). There’s a big difference between girls shaving their heads–which, if done under false pretenses, is pretty traumatizing in itself but not immediately dangerous–and girls cutting, which could be potentially deadly.

The threads were all taken down shortly after they were posted because–hello?! It’s insane, it’s sadistic, and it’s dangerous. But some damage may have been done: Pictures on Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook showed girls cutting. It’s not clear if those pictures were of legit Beliebers who bought into the #cutting4Bieber campaign or if they were images used by 4Chan in the hoax, but whatever the case: It’s not cool at all. Cutting is serious, and seriously urging anyone else to do so suggests that you have really serious issues, possibly worse ones than actual cutters do (and those are bad).

If you cut yourself, or if you know any girls cutting themselves for any reason, you can get help here. And if you know any girls cutting for Justin Bieber to stop smoking weed or trying to get anyone else to do so, be sure that they get a lot of help.

Do you think 4Chan went too far by trying to start girls cutting for Justin Bieber? Do you think 4Chan meant legitimate harm by encouraging girls cutting for Justin Bieber, or do you think it was a prank that got out of hand? Tell us in the comments!

Demi Lovato talks about girls cutting!

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  • Raena

    I think it was meant to be harmless, but completely backfired. I think it has gone much too far. I think Ellen Degeneres should have Bieber on again (they are like bff’s no lie) and ask him what he thinks. Maybe the girls will finally realize what they are doing is incredibly dangerous and life threatening. There is no reason to cut yourself over ANYONE. They need to hear it straight from biebs mouth, he’s the only one that can get through to them.

  • MagneticPudding

    Truthfully I think all the girls that believed this crap are just down right stupid. If you’re going to do something like that, cut your wrist and danger yourself just because everyone else is doing it (which they weren’t really) to try and stop your star from doing something, go ahead and be my guest.

    I’m not saying cutting is good, I’m actually greatly against it and it has affected me in so many ways. But stupid people get what they get for believe stupid things like that. Tweens these days just need a smack to the back of the head to wake up and realize that what they’re doing is completely unreasonable.

  • Kimmy

    I dislike jb a lot and I’m 14 but even if I did like him which I don’t i wouldn’t cut my wrist for him that’s his life not yours who cares what he does I don’t

  • Cherri

    I was shocked as Hell when I read that 4Chan started this! All I can honestly say is that 4Chan isn’t a cult group or anything, they’re a message board with hundreds of thousands of users. I’m surprised the mods didn’t stop it when it started.

    • jane

      Moderators on 4chan? Haha what a joke. I find this quite funny now I know its a joke. Anyone stupid enough to cut themselves over a celebrity doing something they dislike is stupid. And I wouldn’t feel bad at all if any stupid little girl cut herself for bieber. Heh

  • JustDMarie

    I’m not personally a fan of JB, but I am familiar with 4Chan. I knew the bald for Bieber was going over the top, but IDK why’d they do this…. i honestly want that website to be taken down, or at least not as harsh more

  • ZoZo

    This is not cool, at all. Encouraging people to harm themselves, even as a joke, is not just evil, sick, and twisted, it’s… Well, I can’t think of the words to articulate how horrible and cruel this is. I’ve heard of some pretty terrible things going around on the Internet, but this may be the worst so far.