It’s Official: This Is The Coolest 10-Year-Old Boy Ever

City Kitties

The hero! | Source: City Kitties

In my experience, 10-year-old boys are interested in a few things: grossing people out by doing weird stuff, playing video games, staying away from girls’ cooties and generally being a teensy bit annoying but making up for it by being cute. I have a godson this age guys, so I’m kind of an expert.

So imagine my surprise when I read about the seriously adorable 10-year-old Evan from Philadelphia, who spends his allowance on helping others rather than on toys or snacks or stuff like that. What is he donating his money to? A local cat rescue called City Kitties. I mean, seriously… could this story get any sweeter?

Apparently, Evan and his family adopted a beloved cat from City Kitties in 2009. Evan must have been really touched by what he saw going on in there, because after that, he started donating his allowance to City Kitties. He didn’t just give them his precious money, though – he sent handwritten notes along with the cash. One note goes like this (if you haven’t been smiling yet, you will definitely smile after you read this):

Dear City Kitties: My name is Evan and I am 7-years-old. And guess what? I LOVE cats! They are my favorite animals and I got my cat at City Kitties as well! THANK YOU for letting me get my new cat! I get an allowance every week and I chose to make a donation to you. I love that you help cats find homes. I saved this money to help you save cats. 

UM. Is it weird that I want this kid to age about 10 years or 15 years overnight and then come be my boyfriend? Don’t answer that. This is the most heart-warming story I’ve read online in a while and I just can’t get enough of it. I mean, how many kids do you know who would willingly give away all of their money to a charity? I love all the kids I know, but I’m not sure they could be so committed.

The story gets even cuter, if that’s possible: after months of saving, Evan donated $46.75. City Kitties posted the note on their Facebook page, which went viral and inspired hundreds of people to match Evan’s donation. In 2010, he went a step a further by selling figs from his family’s fig tree to raise even more money. In 2011, Evan donated $97 and in 2012, he donated $101.

I realize that $46 in one year isn’t going to do a lot for a cat rescue shelter, but the amount of money isn’t the point here. The point is that this 10-year-old should be inspiring everyone at every age because of how selfless and thoughtful he is. He’s doing his best to save kittens and cats who have been abandoned and it’s awesome to see a boy this young do something so mature. So basically, this kid is my hero.

What do you think about this story? Have you ever donated your allowance to some kind of charity? Would you? Tell me in the comments.


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