Justin Bieber Pot Pictures: Don’t Document Your Dumb Behavior!

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The Justin Bieber pot pics made Beliebers go nuts. Is Bieber smoking weed such a big deal? | Source: WENN

Pictures of Justin Bieber smoking pot hit TMZ this weekend, and Beliebers and non-Beliebers went nuts. It was like no one could believe that hey, Justin Bieber is an 18-year-old guy, and some 18-year-old guys like smoking weed. The thing is, Justin Bieber isn’t just any 18-year-old guy–he’s a rich, powerful, successful 18-year-old guy who’s probably never heard the word “no.” More importantly, Justin Bieber is an 18-year-old with a pretty spotless reputation (save for that whole Barbara Palvin-Selena Gomez drama).

When the photos first surfaced, a lot of Beliebers were in denial: they claimed the shots were Photoshopped, that it was a Justin Bieber look-alike, that it was just a cigarette or a pretzel (yes, some fans on tumblr said that). No one seemed to want to accept the fact that Justin Bieber is, at the end of the day, a person, and people make mistakes–especially when people are under that much pressure to be perfect. (Just ask Demi Lovato.)

Who’s to blame for Justin Bieber smoking weed? Some pals told TMZ that they think Lil Twist is behind it, calling him a bad influence on the Canadian superstar. But is that really the case? A lot of us have friends that may be into negative stuff, but at the end of the day, we all have free will. We can choose to be like, “No thanks!” and pass the blunt along to the next person who feels like toking up or pass the bottle onto the next person who wants to down a shot. It’s pretty pointless to pin the blame on another person for one person’s actions. Lil Twist, at least in the leaked photos, never held a gun to Justin Bieber’s perfectly-coiffed head and told him, “Bro, smoke this.”

That’s not to say Lil Twist may not have influenced Justin Bieber to try pot. Listen, I get that sometimes pressure can be heavy to do certain things, and FOMO is real. But if anyone pressures you to do something you don’t want to do, that person isn’t your friend, because they don’t actually care about your feelings. And most people aren’t going to be mad at you if you refrain from drinking, smoking, or doing other stuff you’re not too comfy with. In fact, they may not mind at all–more weed for them!

That said, the fact is, a lot of people smoke pot, and in a lot of places, it’s legal. What I can’t believe is that he was dopey enough to let the photos leak, because now a lot of angry parents may not buy their daughters tickets to see his shows.

Let this be a lesson: I’m not condoning smoking weed or drinking at all, but I know that regardless of what I tell you, some of you will do it anyway. That’s your prerogative, it’s your life–I’m not gonna tell you what to do, because I think you’re smart enough to decide for yourself! But! If you’re going to smoke pot, drink underage or generally do stuff you don’t want people to see? Please make sure no cameras or phones are out when you do it–and make sure you’re only around people you know you can trust when you do. Unless of course, you want your future boss or college admissions officers to see ’em!

Do you think Justin Bieber smoking pot is a big deal? Do you think the Justin Bieber pot pictures were real or Photoshopped? How do you think Justin Bieber smoking weed will affect his career? Do the Justin Bieber pot pictures change how you think of or view him? Tell us in the comments!

Justin Bieber confronts the paparazzi!

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  • Axiality

    LOL people getting mad about this is just a joke. Jesus. Marijuana may be illegal in most places but smoking it does not make you a bad person. It doesn’t hurt you (although you can harm your lungs by inhaling the smoke just like you can with cigarettes and other more harmful drugs, and you can just eat it) and it’s helped me personally through a lot of pain. I broke 5 ribs, an arm, and suffered from a concussion. Taking 6 types of pills that either don’t help or make you a zombie isn’t cool. Weed is safer and healthier and cleaner and doesn’t feel so dirty. I told my father about the cutforbieber thing to see if he would chuckle and his response was, “Justin Bieber smokes pot? Maybe he’s not so gay after all!” Weed is no big deal guys. It shouldn’t matter.

  • lilly

    Where are the pictures?

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Oh, who cares if he smokes weed? It’s not bad for you (as long as you’re in a safe place where you don’t have to worry about driving), and it’s been legalized in more than one state. People die from alcohol poisoning and liver damage all the time. People never die from weed. So honestly, so he smokes weed, oh well. I’m not a Bieber fan, but I don’t have anything against him, either. I see him as just another person, and I really don’t think people should trip so much about stuff like this.