How To Decide Basically Anything

how to decide anything making decisions

Stop biting those nails, girl! | Source: Shutterstock

Decisions, decisions. Most people think of decisions as super hard without recognizing that each decision is kind of an awesome chance to try something new or to start a new adventure. Knowing how to decide between great options (or even some sucky ones) can be really stressful, but it shouldn’t really be that bad.

Here’s how to decide basically anything, with little to no pain involved. Promise!

Close your eyes, make a wish, and get ready to make your best decisions ever!

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  • Raine

    Even though it seems pretty simple and straight forward, this is actually really good, sound advice. Thank you!

  • yssubramanyam


  • Mary

    I have trouble deciding everything and i mean everything. I always answer dicsons that aren’t that important with i don’t know or idon’t care. Its so annoying considering my sister knows that i get stressed but she still asks me question on EVERYTHING. I want others to be happy with my choice but i dont want to be uppset about it