Don’t Let Your Ex Stand In Your Way

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Okay, so I have this friend who is being really stupid–she’s letting her ex stand in her way of having all kinds of fun. Actually, no. She’s standing in her own way of having all kinds of fun and blaming her ex!

Here’s the deal: She and her ex have been broken up for a long time (like, over a year) and even though they’ve both dated other people since then–she refuses to go to any event or party where he might show up. And it’s not like they hate each other or he was a jerk or something. And since they have a ton of friends in common, that means that she’s missed out on a whole lot of major parties, picnics, trips to Six Flags, and well–all kinds of other awesome stuff. How lame is that? Super lame! Seriously, no dude (especially one you’re not even dating anymore!) is worth giving up all those super fun times.

I get it that after a breakup, it’s good to give yourself some space from your ex. You don’t want to rip open that wound over and over by hanging out with him, seeing him having fun without you, maybe even flirting with someone else. But if you’ve moved on and he’s moved on, then it’s time to put on your big girl pants and go on with your life!

Do you ever let your ex stand in your way of having fun? Do you know anyone who does? Tell us in the comments!

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