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Do you ever go check your mail and wish there would be a package of tampons waiting for you? Well now you can make that dream come true, thanks to a new service that once a month delivers a package equipped to address your menstrual needs.

The service is called Le Parcel, and for $15 every month, you get a package that you have customized for your period! To start, you select up to 30 tampons, pads and/or panty liners from some big-name brands, like Playtex, Kotex, Tampax and Always.

And now for the best part (in my opinion at least)! Not only do you get the necessary stuff mailed to you each month, but there is also chocolate (which I always want to eat at all times every month) and a gift! As Le Parcel puts it on their website, “Nature’s gift stinks so we give you a better one.” I like how they think!

If you’re curious about the whole “Uhhh, what if it doesn’t get here in time?” situation (a very valid concern in my book), well Le Parcel addresses shipping right on their site. You actually select what date you’ll be needing your products by, and it should get there by that day or earlier.

Just in case you forgot your period was approaching, now when you receive your package in the mail, you’ll know! I guess as is the case with all mail, there is always the chance that something could happen to it and leave you stranded, but it seems like the Le Parcel people have tried to plan out a system where that shouldn’t happen.

Le Parcel’s website also highlights this particular benefit: “No more awkward stares at the checkout stand.” I know that can definitely be a point of concern for some girls, and I’ve done the try-not-to-make-eye-contact-with-the-cashier thing on a number of occasions. Buying these things is totally not something to be embarrassed about, but that doesn’t always mean that all of us don’t feel a little uncomfortable at the time of purchase.

Now, while I’m not sure that buying my own products inconveniences me enough that I’d personally sign up for Le Parcel, I still think it sounds like a pretty neat idea that could be particularly useful in a number of situations. I think it’d be awesome for a freshman in college with no car access and a campus convenience store that is not well-stocked, or if you live a little out of town from the nearest store and are sick of making specific mini-road trips once a month. It could be Le Parcel to the rescue!

Overall, it seems like a cool and creative way to make the monthly event that many women dread a little more fun and exciting. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail?!

Do you find it embarrassing to have to buy your tampons, pads and/or panty liners at the store? Would you ever use a subscription service like Le Parcel? Tell us in the comments!

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