8 Reasons You Should Make Time For Your Friends When You Have A Boyfriend

A few years ago, I was best friends with this girl who I spent almost every day with. We did everything together and there wasn’t much that could have broken our bond. Until she started dating someone. She went from spending tons of time with me to spending every spare minute with him. She only called me when he was busy, but then spent the majority of our hangout sesh gushing about him. To put it bluntly, it sucked. I was furious that she had totally ditched me for her boyfriend.

So when I met my current boyfriend, I made a promise to myself that I would never be like her or any of the other girls out there who chose their BF over their BFFs. But after a few months spent juggling time with my boyfriend, my friends, my family, my job and my me time, I kind of started to empathize with my old friend: making your buddies a priority when you’re in a serious relationship can be harder than you think.

When you start a new relationship, it’s natural to feel an urge to spend all of your time with your boyfriend. It’s normal to start spending less time with your buddies and more time with your BF – your priorities shift. It happens. But still – it sucks. So here are 10 reasons you absolutely need to make time for your friends, no matter how much cuddle time you want with your guy. Trust me, you’ll appreciate this one day.

Do you have trouble making time for your friends and boyfriend? Have you ever had a friend who ditched you for her relationship? Tell me in the comments.


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