Did FOMO Lead These Girls To Roofy Their Own Parents?!

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Did someone really roofy her own parents just to go online?! | Source: ShutterStock

We know the Internet is a big deal, but would it lead you to slip drugs to your parents?!

Reports say that a girl in California was having a friend over on a Friday night and they wanted to go online. Problem was, her parents turned off her Internet connection at 10:00 PM. (It’s unclear whether it was automatic or if her parents manually did it themselves each night.) So what did the gal and her pal do? They bought her parents milkshakes . . . and laced them with sleeping pills so they could go online. WTF?!

Cops said her parents finished only about a quarter of their milkshakes before they started getting sleepy, and they stopped because they tasted weird and felt grainy. So gross and so scary! The girl’s friend gave her a ton of prescription sleeping pills to pretty much roofy her parents with so they could go online.

Her parents fell asleep, then woke up a few hours later feeling hungover, but went back to sleep. When they woke up in the morning and still felt groggy and sick, they went to the police station to take drug tests. When the parents tested positive for the drugs, they told the cops what happened–and the girl and her friend were arrested and shoved in juvenile hall. Police said that if the girls were 18 or over, they could have been facing legit prison time. Just to go online. Is it really worth it? (Spoiler alert: It’s not.)

When cops asked the girls what happened, the daughter of the roofied parents basically just said their Internet rules were “too strict.” Dude. Is your FOMO that bad that you risk making your parents super sick–or worse–and get yourself thrown behind bars? And um, just to go online on a Friday night?

No one knows what the girls planned on doing once they got Internet access, but it doesn’t matter. Listen. We love you, and we really love that you read our stuff here on Gurl. But if you have to roofy your parents to connect to the Internet, it’s probably not worth it. Just wait until the morning. Or, you know, go to a friend’s house whose parents let her log on at night–or maybe just ask your folks to let you stay on later for once. Whatever you do, please don’t slip sleeping pills to mom and dad.

Would you ever drug your parents to get what you wanted? Do you think this girl should be punished for slipping sleeping pills to her parents? Why do you think she felt the need to roofy her parents to go online? Tell us in the comments!

What are your parents doing on FB?!

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  • leyla

    Jeez, that’s crazy! Why would they do that just for more computer time?