“How Do I Find Someone?” Not By Wondering If You’re Hot Or Not!

hot or not how do i find someone

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I find someone?” The answer isn’t by wondering if you’re hot or not! | Source: ShutterStock

Sometimes you find yourself wondering, “Why am I not dating someone?” And then you start to think that you’re not with anyone because it’s something about you, and then it messes with your head and leads you to ask yourself if you’re hot or not. Sound familiar? Yeah, I’ve been there too. Feeding on those insecurities, a new, pointless study actually helps you determine if you’re hot or not on a scale of 1 to 10. Because that’s not a means of objectification or anything, right? Sigh.

In a new series of five questions, you can now determine if you’re hot or not. The test says there are a handful of criteria that determine how attractive you are. I think it’s a load of crap, but let’s dive into the study and find out what they think determines if you’re hot or not, shall we?

One is whether or not you even care if you’re attractive. Generally, the study says, attractive people care about how they look, and as a result they take better care of themselves than someone who couldn’t care less. That sort of makes sense–how often you shower may well help determine whether you’re hot or not, because as human beings, we tend to like people who aren’t filthy and who smell okay. Fair enough. But there’s a converse argument here, too, ladies–if someone is too vain, aren’t they a little less attractive to you? Like when you find out a guy spends 40 minutes on his hair or see Real Housewives full of Botox and implants and still looking like hot messes? If you only care whether you’re hot or not, guess what? You’re probably not hot, because it just means you’re really insecure–and that you might not have much else to offer other than a shell.

Another criterion? Whether your exes are hot or not can determine how hot you are. This one is stupid for a few reasons. First of all, what if you haven’t met anyone you wanted to date yet. What does that mean? Second, how hot or not you or your exes are is pretty subjective. Someone who’s hot to you may be a cave troll to your best friend. If you’re a tall blonde, you may still not be hot to a guy who prefers short brunettes or vice versa.

Age and how outgoing you are also play a factor, according to the article, in whether you’re hot or not. We’ll ignore the age one for now, but don’t you all know an outgoing girl who can’t find someone to date? Or a shy girl who gets asked out pretty often? We’re calling a big BS on that one, too.

In fact, the only question in this article that made sense to us? “How emotionally intelligent are you?” Basically, emotional intelligence is how caring, considerate, honest, and sensitive you are plays a big role in whether you’re hot or not. Why? Because those are qualities that are universally attractive. Someone with a fetish for redheads or petites may well end up with a lanky girl with blue hair if she’s a good person.

So if you’re still wondering if you’re hot or not? We’re pretty sure you are. And if anyone makes you think you’re not? Then they’re probably not hot at all.

Do you ever wonder if you’re hot or not? What makes someone hot to you? Tell us in the comments!

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